Dear Santa

Milan surprised at the beginning of the season, and again in the last two fixtures, with a win vs. Napoli and a draw with second place Roma. So we go into the holidays in seventh place, but only two points behind third place. These results have people dreaming of more than just sugarplums, but will Santa deliver the goods this Christmas for Milan fans? And if so, what exactly is it that he is supposed to deliver? What part of this season is fantasy and what part of it is reality? With pleas to Santa and coming off of a surprise result, Milanisti everywhere have plenty to talk about this Christmas break.

My guest this time was Dave, the Milanista, comedian, teacher, new father, and former Bodega clerk of the fabulous @DaveLambComedy Twitter account. In his spare time, he writes the amazing game previews on For this holiday podcast, we talked about: 

• News of the Week: Goal line technology, territorial discrimination, budget deficit, Happy 115th Milan 

• Season to Date: Update on the season

• Marketing vs. Football: also known as Barbara vs. Galliani

• Dear Santa: The most depressing fan wish list ever

• Coming Up: What’s up next

Thanks again to Dave for taking time out of his busy holiday schedule to chat. He is definitely underfollowed on Twitter, so help us change that by following him @DaveLambComedy. Also read his match previews on for a fantastic read every time.


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Since the last podcast, Milan produced a draw, a win, and then a loss, and have two big games looming before the end of the calendar year. We are still in search of consistency, and waiting for this team to make the San Siro a fortress again. The fans seem to be coming back, but will the team be able to soldier up and make other teams fear Milan at home? We discuss where the team is at now and some promising news for the future.

Joining me this time to chat was the world traveler Derwuin. Having just come back from a trip to Milano for the Derby, we had lots to talk about. Follow him on Twitter @D_Mendez3 and be sure to check out his pics from his trip in his timeline, in this post or in this comment section. This time we chatted about:

• News of the Week: Shirt sponsor extended, new stadium news, the quest for goal line technology

• Season to Date: Update on the season


• Derby della Madnonnina: A first person report from the San Siro


• In Search of Defense: We discuss the defensive problems and individual players that leave us scratching our heads after each match


• Coming Up: What’s up next

Thanks again to Derwuin for the podcast and for sharing his Milan adventures. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @D_Mendez3. Be sure to check out his pics from his trip in his timeline, in this post or in this comment section.

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Despite early encouraging results, more recently the squad have shown that getting the Milan back that we know and love is not going to happen overnight. We fans have been tested already this season with a roller coaster first part of the season including wins, draws, losses, goals scored and conceded, and all of the hype that goes along with those things. Many of our players also want to play for their national teams, but how many of them will? We try to answer that and discuss the newer players and the season so far for you in this episode of Milan Impossible 

My guest this time is the legendary David Swan, one of the rare and endangered English fans of Milan, Serie A, and the Italian National Team. You can follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan and also check out his fantastic site for the most accurate information about Milan’s finances in English, all in one place. For this podcast, we discussed:

• News of the Week: When Amelia attacks, Milan lead at something, Berlusconi’s dream

• Season to Date: Update on the season

• New Player Focus: We rate and/or discuss all ten new players 

• International Duty: Which Milan players are likely to represent their countries, which players should or should not represent 

• Coming Up: What’s up next after the break

Thanks again to David for staying up late after the Sampdoria match to bless all of you with his wisdom. You can get more wisdom directly from the source by following him on Twitter @DavidLSwan. Also, for any questions about player salaries, transfer fees, or other Milan finances, be sure to bookmark, his brilliant site covering Milan finances in English.

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 After a brief and very reluctant hiatus, the Milan Obsession Podcast is back… maybe. At least on an “as Elaine can find time to record” basis. So with seven weeks to catch up on, we tried to summarize the Milan team that is also back… maybe. With surprise wins, new players, an injury list that would make Allegri blush, and some experimental tactics, there was plenty to talk about during this international break. Served up with plenty of skepticism and a dash of that scarce thing called hope, now we’ll have to wait and see which comeback is more successful… Milan’s or the podcast’s. 

Bringing back the podcast in style, Pete Acquaviva of the legendary DAI DAI DAI joined me. Pete is a longtime Milan fan who gives amazing analysis on his blog, contributes to other blogs and shows, and is also a great follow on Twitter. This time we chatted about:

• News of the Week: Maldini recognized, Gandini begs, Galliani out of touch, and Inter suck

• Season to Date: Where we are after the first 6 games

• New Player Focus: We rate and discuss all ten new players 

• Injury Roundup: Who’s out and who’s coming back 

• International Duty: Which Milan players are representing their countries

• Tactics: We discuss the 4-2-3-1 vs. the 4-3-3 and Inzaghi’s tactics so far

• Coming Up: Milan’s upcoming matches

Grazie mille again to Pete for sacrificing his time and his NFL games for this podcast. Check out his blog for fantastic writing and analysis, and follow him on Twitter @pdacquaviva to keep up with other news and opinions (his Mesbah profile pic demonstrates his discerning taste.)



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A week that saw us lose our most talented player and then win the Trofeo TIM left Milan fans in a bit of shock and awe. With a mere seven days left in the mercato we are now at the mercy of Galliani and his ability to shake down other clubs for their players on loans and free transfers. But with another epic fail from management, the livers of Milan fans worldwide are suffering as if the season was well underway. And yet there is still a strange kind of anticipation as the season kicks off next week which makes our stomachs alternate between the nervous butterflies of the possibilities and the nausea of having been reamed once again by management. One thing is for sure, Balotelli has left Milanello, along with a lot of hopes and dreams.



I was joined this week by the guys from my favorite weekly Serie A review show, Red Card Weekly. Both Steve and Vinny are passionate Milan fans who love calcio and both took the time to share their opinions and humor about Milan with us in this episode. We discussed:

• News of the Week: Ice Bucket Challenge, FIGC rule change

• Match Reviews: Trofeo Naranja:Valencia 2, Milan 1, and Trofeo TIM tournament 2014: Milan are Champions! 

• Match Preview: Serie A Week 1: Milan vs. Lazio Sun. Aug. 31st 

• Mercato News: Updates and rumors 

• Season Preview & Predictions: The schedule, Milan and Serie A

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week 

• Special Message from Elaine

Thanks again to both Steve and Vinny of Red Card Weekly for their insights and humor and especially their time. The season is starting back up, and so will their shows, so be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel today so you don’t miss a single awesome episode. Please also follow them on Twitter @RedCardWeekly for a more frequent fix of their take on Serie A.

And don’t forget to join what is undoubtedly going to be the best league in Fantasy Serie A, league Name: Red Card Weekly, league code: d9shQfaWZcIo


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It has been a tough couple of years as a Milan fan, most recently trying to stomach the friendly performances here in the USA. But suddenly, we are feeling like we are in a fantasy with two big exits and a couple of even bigger new signings. Still shell shocked and not sure what to trust or who to believe, our discussion is candid, but shows some hope and optimism again with these new “fantasy” signings as well as the exit of Robinho and Constant. Even if Milan’s mercato ends here, there is a glimmer of hope that the club is doing something, even if we aren’t sure it is necessarily the right thing for the future.


This time I welcomed back my original Milan Obsession co-founder, Jovan, who is also the creator of four fantasy football games: Fantasy Serie A, Fantasy Bundesliga, Fantasy Liga, and the all new Fantasy Premier League. We discussed:

• News of the Week: Season ticket fail, referees under attack, and FIGC election

• Match Reviews and Previews: ICC Friendly: Liverpool 2, Milan and Chivas Guadalajara 0, Milan 3. Previews: Valencia vs. Milan Sun. Aug 17th, and Trofeo TIM tournament Sat. Aug. 23rd

• Mercato News: Updates and rumors 

• Season Predictions: Milan and Serie A

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week

Thanks once again to Jovan, my Milan Obsession co-founder and original co-blogger. Check out his Fantasy Football games today, they are a great way to distract you through the upcoming season. Serie A:, Bundesliga:, La Liga:, and the all new Premier League game:

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After reasonable success in their friendlies against Lega Pro sides, Milan put in two very poor performances against real teams in the ICC Tournament friendlies thus far. The mercato shows no promise, and to make things worse, the Serie A schedule was released and we face a very difficult start. So if you still have any hopes for this season, your worst fears seem to be being realized. We tried to find the small positives in what is shaping up to be another very painful season for Milan fans.

For this podcast, I was joined once again by the original Milan Obsession member, Francesco. We discussed: 

• News of the Week: Away kit release, small victories, Balotelli’s PSA, Juventus Allegrified

• Match Reviews and Previews: ICC Friendlies: Milan 0, Olympiacos 3; Milan 1, Manchester City 5. Coming up: Liverpool vs. Milan on Sat. Aug. 2nd, and Chivas Guadalajara vs. Milan on Wed. Aug. 6th 

• Mercato News: Updates and rumors 

• Where is the Youth? Will we see a lot of youth get time this year?

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week 

Thanks once again to Francesco, who showed exceptional patience and flexibility trying to record this podcast. Follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8 and look for his omnipresent and fun comments on the blog.

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It’s that time of year. The squad returned to Milanello and were also presented at Casa Milan amongst a day of festivities and over 2,000 fans. The Curva Sud started the season off right with an open letter to the club, too. The mercato is now in full swing, with a number of Milan players already out on loan or sold, and a few new faces, too. So much change, but most heartening for fans were the words of Mister Inzaghi, who talked about the importance of “finding the right Milan DNA.” And that is exactly what I think fans want the club to achieve this summer in training, in the mercato, and especially as a team. 

Returning again is the newly relocated podcast favorite Derek, now representing Milan in Colorado. We discussed:

• News of the Week: Squad presentation, Curva Sud letter, Balotelli in the doghouse again

• World Cup Update: final update from Brazil 

• Mercato News: Who’s out, who’s in, and rumors 

• New Boss: Mister Inzaghi

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week

Thanks once again to Derek for sharing his passion for Milan and his views with us. Please follow him on Twitter @Deekmonn or check out the comments section of the blog, you’ll undoubtedly see him sharing his opinions there.

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There is a massive sporting event being held in Brazil right now, the biggest sporting event in the world. But starting on Tuesday, the real spectacle begins: The mercato. The transfer market makes teams and breaks hearts, but the sharing of rumors is more of a bloodsport amongst fans. Still we decided to brave the waters with some good old fashioned mercato speculation. We also discussed the future of Italian football and oh, yeah, the World Cup.

Returning once again from England for your listening pleasure is David of Twitter and fame. We discussed:

• News of the Week: New Italy coach rumors, Seedorf’s suit, Barbara draws the line

• World Cup Update: How Milan players played and who’s still in Brazil

• The Future of Italian Football: Prandelli’s claims, youth development 

• Mercato News: Co-ownership updates, Milan’s mercato to date, rumors

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week

Thanks so much to David for a fantastic discussion and especially for staying up so late! Please follow the best scout in the world on Twitter @DavidLSwan and check out, a fantastic resource for all of your financial questions about Milan. 

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The World Cup is the greatest event in the world, it’s certainly how I fell in love with football. It also only comes every few years. So even with the official appointment of one Filippo Inzaghi as new Milan manager finally arriving, we are a bit obsessed with the Milan players and their teams in Brazil right now. Still, we focus on Milan, too, and don’t forget to update you on the Douchebaggery Alert System™. But seriously, Forza Azzurri!

Today’s guest is the fantastic Steve of Red Card Weekly fame, the weekly passionate Serie A fan review show on YouTube. We talked about:

• News of the Week: Engaging Balotelli, Seedorf mistreated

• Coaching Changes: Inzaghi official, other changes

• Mercato News: New signings & co-ownership deals 

• World Cup Update: The 8 Milan players in Brazil right now, their national teams and their matchups, plus review of the England-Italy match

• Milan Identity Crisis: Milan make their issues visual with 3 different logos on our kits next season 

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week 

Thanks so much to Steve of Red Card Weekly. Follow he & Vinny on Twitter @RedCardWeekly and definitely subscribe to their YouTube channel

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With the level of douchebaggery at Milan already so high at Milan, I called in the big guns to help sort everything out. So we, the Milan Obsession Fantastic Four, talk about the coaching situation and then sort through the roster to give management some ideas as to who to sell and who to keep this summer. Last but not least, we introduce the Milan Obsession Douchebagery Alert System™ to help you know what levels of douchebaggery are going on at any given time. You’re welcome. 

The Fantasic Four includes the President of the Curva Sud America, Francesco; The Comeback Kid, Derek; the awesome Miami Vice, Derwuin, and yours truly. We examined the following douchebaggery:

• News of the Week: Montolivo hitched, No more co-ownerships, Conte’s Premature Exclamation

• Seedorf Out?

• Inzaghi In?

 • Mercato Forecast: Review of all Milan players & discussing contracts, salaries, and whether or not they should stay at the club this summer

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week


Thanks to my superhero Milan fans, the Milan Obsession Fantstic Four. Follow Francesco on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8; follow Derek @DeekMonn and follow Derwuin @D_Mendez3

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One of the first things that Seedorf did when he was hired was to have the team pick out a song to come out onto the pitch to at the San Siro. Together, they picked “Can’t Hold Us” By Macklemore featuring Ray Dalton, and the rest of their season embodied the spirit of this song. So while we looked back on the performances of this painful season and also look forward to the great unknown that is this summer’s mercato, I thought we as fans could take inspiration from the team and look to the future like the ceiling can’t hold us.

Bringing the DAI DAI DAI, I had two guests this time. Representing the DAI DAI DAI blog were both writers, Pete and Dave. We looked back on this season:

• News of the Week: Atalanta fans, Galliani’s complaining, Berlusconi alienates fans… again, Rocco Maiorino promoted to SD, and Casa Milan unveiled. 

• Reviews: Serie A week 37 at Atalanta, Serie A week 38 vs. Sassuolo

• Player Season Ratings: ratings of each player based on their performances this season on a scale of 1-10

• Seedorf’s Report Card: Rating Seedorf so far and discussing whether or not he should stay


Thanks again both Pete and Dave for helping with our player season ratings for this season! Follow Pete @PDAcquaviva and Dave @DaveLambComedy on Twitter and check out the DAI DAI DAI blog at And if you’re in the Boston area, go see Dave’s standup at Dick Doherty’s this weekend!

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In case you hadn’t heard, Milan won the Derby on Sunday for the first time in nearly three years. On that high this podcast was recorded, albeit with a healthy fear of playing in the Europa League. We also look to next season, specifically Seedorf’s future as well as the fate of a beloved player and Milanista.


My returning guest this time was Jovan, co-founder of Milan Obsession and the genius mastermind of Fantasy Serie A, Fantasy Bundesliga, and Fantasy Liga. We discussed:

• News of the Week: Savicevic makes sense, Scandalous Seedorf, New third kits

• Reviews: Serie A week 35 at Roma, Serie A week 36 the Derby della Madonnina victory vs. Inter

• Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 37 at Atalanta, Serie A week 38 vs. Sassuolo

• Predictions: Europa League Qualification, Milan’s finish, and Seedorf’s fate

• Player Spotlight: Keisuke Honda 


Thanks again to Jovan for gracing us with his presence and his infinite wisdom. Check out his epic games Fantasy Serie A, Fantasy Bundesliga, and Fantasy Liga and be sure to sign up this summer to compete next season.

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According to rumors, winning five straight after a season like this gets you sacked. After winning two straight games at home, the prospect of Europa League qualification also looms more closely, too. And welcoming back last season’s young hero from injury just raises even more questions about the summer and next year. It’s the home stretch of a dysfunctional season, and so there is plenty to talk about.


My guest this time was Vinny of the fantastic Red Card Weekly YouTube show with two devout Milan fans wrapping up Serie A and football in general each week. We discussed:


• News of the Week: Don’t Mess with the Crest™, Annual “bored” meeting, Seedorf news


• Reviews: Serie A week 33 vs. Catania, Serie A week 34 vs. Livorno


• Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 35 at Roma, Serie A week 36  the Derby della Madonnina vs. Inter


• Prognosis: Europa League Qualification


• Player Spotlight: Stephan El Shaarawy



Thanks so much to Vinny for a fantastic podcast. Check out the Red Card Weekly show on YouTube each week and be sure to subscribe to their channel so you never miss an episode. Also follow them on Twitter @RedCardWeekly

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It may be hard to believe after this season, but Milan have won three in a row. And not just any three games, either. The winning extends beyond the pitch, though, with the new Casa Milan officially unveiled and new commercial ventures being sought in what seems to be the best efforts yet to acquire a new stadium in the near future. After so much heartbreak, it seems that Milan are back to winning ways, and the future looks red and black.


Today’s podcast features another new guest, Anthony, also known as @sportscaddy. He is a young journalist who is a featured writer for the Bleacher Report UK and also writes for A Football Report. He is aldo one of the admins for the AC Milan Club NY/NJ. We discussed:


• News of the Week: Casa Milan, new commercial ventures, and a new Sporting Director in our near future


• Tactics Talk: To attack or defend?


• Reviews: Serie A week 30 at Fiorentina, Serie A week 31 vs. Chievo, Serie A week 32 at Genoa


• Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 33 vs. Catania, Serie A week 34 vs. Livorno


• Seedorf’s Report Card: Does he make the grade so far?



Thanks so much to Anthony for a fantastic discussion. Please follow him on Twitter @sportscaddy and also follow @ACMilanNYC. Check out and for his fantastic writing.

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A tough loss to Atletico has opened the floodgates of criticism by fans, the Curva, and especially anyone and everyone in the media. As if Milan weren’t struggling enough, it seems like everyone is ready to kick us while we’re down.


This podcast brings a new guest, coming from sunny Miami, it’s Derwuin, an awesome artist, youth coach, and Milanista and blog guest extraordinaire. We talk about lots of things going on with Milan right now, including:


• News of the Week: Curva Sud again, Berlusconi is back, Slumber party in Roma


• Reviews: Champions League Round of 16 at Atletico Madrid, Serie A week 28 vs. Parma, Serie A week 29 at Lazio


• Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 30 at Fiorentina, Serie A week 31 vs. Chievo, Serie A week 32 at Genoa


• Maldini Speaks: Maldini’s infamous interview


• Player Spotlight: Adel Taarabt


Thanks so much to Derwuin for recording this not once, but twice! Please follow him on Twitter @D_Mendez3 and check out his awesome comments on the blog. You’re Welcome.

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With good performances come higher expectations. Not just results, but increasingly good and consistent performances. Yet there are so many things that can keep the performances from happening. Like midweek International friendlies, resting players for a Champions League match, and more. So Milan are growing, but with growing comes growing pains.


My guest this time is a podcast favorite, David, of the fantastic In this episode, we chat about:


• News of the Week: Poli’s injury, Seedorf trolling Juve, and the rumors of a potential sale of the club


• To Be or Not to Be: A New Milan Stadium? Read David’s article here.


• Reviews: Serie A week 26 vs. Juventus, Serie A week 27 at Udinese


• International Break: Which Milan players played for their national teams?


• Upcoming Matches Preview: Champions League Round of 16 at Atletico Madrid, Serie A week 28 vs. Parma, Serie A week 29 at Lazio


• Elaine’s Rant: Believing in Balotelli


Thanks so much to David for another amazing podcast. Check out his fantastic site at and also follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan


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Things are looking up at Milan, not just in the table, but also on the pitch. Optimism may still be growing faster than the squad, but at least they are both headed in the same direction. With such success, though, it could be easy to overlook the things that are still plaguing Milan. So while applauding the improvement, we try to also look at the challenges still ahead. After all, with the coaching and other changes, it’s not like a light switch, it’s an evolution.


My returning guest this time is the amazing Pete of DAI DAI DAI legend. We chat about the evolution happening at Milan, more specifically:


• News of the Week: Viareggio Cup victory, Possible summer friendlies, Losing Galliani’s catch phrase


• The New and Improved Milan: Fitness Issues: check out Pete’s article


• Reviews: Serie A week 24 vs. Bologna, Champions League Round of 16: Milan vs. Atletico Madrid, Serie A week 25 at Sampdoria


• Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 26 vs. Juventus, Serie A week 27 at Udinese, Champions League Round of 16 at Atletico Madrid


• Player Spotlight: Adil Rami


Thanks so much to Pete for the fantastic conversation as always. Please follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva and check out his blog


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This podcast marks the one year birthday of the Milan Obsession podcast, and also the third birthday of the Milan Obsession blog. As I celebrate these big milestones, I am filled with gratitude for all of the Milan fans who have read, commented, and written guest posts for the blog, and all of those who have participated in the podcasts and listened to them. It is humbling to see how big my little obsession has become, and it is all of you who make it worthwhile. So I hope you enjoy our special one year birthday podcast!


My guests today are founding members of the Milan Obsession family, Derek and Francesco. To celebrate one year of podcasts, we got together to chat about:


• News of the Week: Cristante injury, Champions League list, Papa Balotelli, summer plans, Taarabt loan


• Reviews: : Serie A week 22 vs. Torino, Serie A week 23 at Napoli


• Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 24 vs. Bologna, Champions League Round of 16: Milan vs. Atletico Madrid, Serie A week 25 at Sampdoria


• Hail to the Chief: Clarence Seedorf


• Birthday Midseason Favorites:

• Favorite match, Favorite goal, Favorite arriving player, Most improved player, Biggest heartbreak



Thanks so much to Derek and Francesco for being such integral parts of our Milan Obsession Podcast, and especially for the fabulous podcast. Check them out in the comments section every day and follow them on Twitter: @DeekMonn and @FrancescoPetra8

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The first two weeks of the Seedorf era have gone by, and the reviews are in: it’s too early to determine anything. But that doesn’t stop us from discussing them. Whether it is his formation, substitutions, his motivational skills or ability to impact morale, nothing was off limits on this podcast. Despite it being too short of a time to really determine anything, we talk about his apparent impact on the squad for his three short matches in charge.     A returning guest this time was Sam, Deputy Editor of Forza Italian Football and host of their Italian Football Fancast. Sam is a former co-blogger of mine from another blog and a massive Serie A and devout Milanista. Our discussions included:   • News of the Week: Allievi Nazionali win, ex-Milan scorers, Dodgeball, the team huddle   • Mercato News: Matri, Nocerino, and Vergara out, Petagna returns and Essien comes in   • Reviews: Coppa Italia Round of 16: Milan vs. Spezia, Serie A week 20 vs. Verona, [...]
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Midway through the January mercato, things would be crazy enough, but this week saw even more change with the departure of Coach Massimiliano Allegri. In fact, this podcast was recorded in two segments to accommodate the madness. From the do-it-yourself rumor advice, the heartbreak of the Sassuolo match, and the change of guard, madness ensues throughout.   Today I welcome new guest. A comedian, teacher, and bodega clerk extraordinaire Dave Lamb is also a Milanista and writer for DAI DAI DAI. This time discussed:   • News of the Week: The Maldini legacy, a new coach in Holland, Allegri master trolls Inter   • Mercato Madness: Ridiculous Rumors – do it-yourself transfer rumors   • Mercato Update: Honda, Rami, Exit news   • Reviews: Serie A week 18 vs Atalanta, Serie A week 19 at Sassuolo   • Upcoming Matches Preview: Coppa Italia Round of 16: Milan vs. Spezia, Serie A week 20 vs. Verona, Coppa Italia Quarterfinals: Milan/Spezia vs. Udinese &n [...]
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