Train Wreck

After waking up at an ungodly hour to watch the Empoli game, my spirits were nearly at an all time low having watched such a terrible performance. The weight of years of douchebaggery just came crashing down on me with the injuries, suspensions and poor play from that match just the punctuation mark. The only plausible comparison I could conjure for where Milan is headed was a train wreck. But I’m not jumping off of this train anytime soon. It may hurt, and we may see the inevitable doom, but it’s still my Milan and I’m going to see it through.

My fellow sleep deprived Milanista this time was Pete. You will remember him from other great podcasts as well as his DAI DAI DAI blog. Or you may know him from his wise and witty comments on Twitter. Despite both being tired and despondent about Milan, we had some excellent and enlightening conversation:

• News of the Week: Galliani douchebaggery, Berlusconi xenophobia, Mastour’s surgery, Paletta’s hair

• Season to Date: results from Serie A

• Squad Analysis: how bad is it?

• The Berlusconi Conundrum: Will he sell? What’s in it for him? And more…

• Coming Up: Upcoming matches and what to look for 

• Happy Birthday: milestones of the Milan Obsession blog, podcast, and more

My thanks again to Pete for excellent conversation despite his sleep deprived state. Check out his fantastic blog at and definitely follow him on Twitter, too.

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Three points and a pre-Galliani Day™ shopping spree have Milan fans feeling some optimism again. But should we be optimistic? If hindsight is 20/20, then definitely not. But if you look carefully, there are some strands of hope we can perhaps cling to. But then again, we face Juventus this week, so if that doesn’t beat the optimism out of you then you may want to see a medical professional about that.

Keeping him up late after the Parma game with a cold, I had the privilege of chatting with my Milan Obsession co-founder, Jovan. Of course he moved on to create the best fantasy football sites for the four major leagues, including We explored the current state of Milan, including:

• News of the Week: Mexes meltdown, injuries, Honda at the Asian Cup, Ariedo Braida, the outline for the new stadium plans, and the Curva Sud speak.

• Season to Date: results from the league and the Coppa Italia

• Mercato Update: the latest news on Milan transfers ahead of Galliani Day™ 

• Inzaghi’s Report Card: how he has done so far, what to expect and whether or not he should stay 

• Coming Up: Upcoming matches and what to look for

My thanks again to Jovan for his especially while being under the weather. Please check out his amazing fantasy football games like the Serie A one at

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