After a very encouraging summer, Milan are haunted again by ghosts of the past. Curva Sud protesting, a terrible third kit, more mediocre Genoa players and free transfers, and reverting to poor performances are just a few things haunting the club now. With the mercato closing and an International break underway, it gives us a little time to reflect on where Milan is and place more realistic expectations on the season.

For this podcast, only one guest would do, and that guest is David Swan. You can find out why by following him on Twitter @DavidLSwan and checking out his fantastic site with all things having to do with Milan finances conveniently translated into English for us. In this epic conversation, we talked about:

• News of the Week: Milan baby, Argentinian barbecue, hideous third kit, free kick dreams, Curva Sud flexing their power 

• Mercato: updates on what has happened in the transfer market 

• Match Roundups: Coppa Italia, Fiorentina-Milan, and Milan-Empoli

• International Break: Who is travelling where

            • The Return of Balotelli: worship or else 

            • Saved by the Bee? discussing the Mr. Bee deal

• Coming Up: mark your calendar for the upcoming matches

Thanks again to David for a fantastic conversation and staying up late for this podcast. Follow his fantastic Twitter account @DavidLSwan and go to his site NOW.

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For three years now, we as fans were promised that it was Year Zero, that Milan was rebuilding, and that success was in the near future. Only it was never true, and “Year Zero” became like a curse word. But this year, it finally feels like it really is Year Zero, the one we were originally promised. And instead of making us curse, it feels like a party.

For the Serie A season preview, I needed some serious star power, so I used my connections to secure the amazing Steve from Red Card Weekly. You can follow him on Twitter @RedCardWeekly, and since he is humble despite his fame, you may even be able to interact with him there.

• News of the Week: heartbreaking injury, the unbelievable Mr. Bee, Roma fan douchebaggery

• Mercato: updates on what has happened in the transfer market

• Serie A News: new card accumulation rule change, Serie A anthem

• Friendlies: Audi Cup and Trofeo TIM

            • Season Predictions: our picks for Milan and the best and worst in the league 

• Coming Up: mark your calendar for the upcoming matches

Thanks again to Steve for taking time out of his busy celebrity lifestyle to bless us with his wisdom. And if you are not following him on Twitter @RedCardWeekly, then you are dead to me.

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For the past couple of seasons, success has seemed less plausible than someone holding onto the outside of a plane taking off. But that didn’t stop management from claiming that we were contending for the Scudetto or a Champions League spot. However, this summer, they acquired a smart coach, kicked out some players who were at least two years past their expiration date, and brought in players with quality who have a nice combination of youth and experience. And looking at how things are coming together so far, despite being premature, for the first time in a few years, reaching a top three spot finally seems like Mission Possible.

A new season, a new coach, and new players calls for a new guest. So in searching the globe for a world class guest, I ended up in Norway and found Kristian. He has contributed to the comments section of the blog and is a great fan with a very strong knowledge of both football and Milan. This time we talked about:

• News of the Week: Primavera tournament, new sponsor, Muntari making it rain, Galliani speaks, Serie A anthem, Milan’s season fixtures, FIFA presidency, Zaccardo news, mercato update

• Friendly: Real Madrid 0 (10), Milan 0 (9)

            • On the pitch: discussing strengths & weakness, our starting lineups 

• Coming Up: mark your calendar for upcoming friendlies

Thanks again to Kristian for some fantastic conversation and for being a bleeding in red and black Milan fan. Check out his comments on the blog under the screenname Kriskor.

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