There is a disturbance in the force. Can you feel it? No? Not surprising, as Milan are still struggling to discover who they are. But there are questions as to whether or not we will see an awakening in 2016. I’ve been using Star Wars as an analogy (but without any spoilers!) because it resonates with our struggles as fans, and of course because the new movie is freaking awesome. So for the last podcast of the year, there are two important messages to take: Merry Christmas and May the Force Be With You. Well, okay, there’s a little more to talk about… just listen already.

For such an epic podcast, I needed an epic guest, so of course I asked Francesco. He is my appointed President of the Curva Sud America, currently residing in Argentina. He is also an important member of The Resistance, so be sure to follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. For this special epic movie and holiday edition, we chose to chat about:

  • News of the Week: Twitter fail, Youth Sector win, ironic disappointment, nepotism doesn’t pay, transfer fails, birthday celebrations
  • Season Update: recap of recent matches
  • The Milan Awakens an epic analogy for an epic football saga
  • Coming Up: a look ahead 

Thanks again to Francesco for sharing his thoughts with us. As a Christmas gift to your timeline, follow him @FrancescoPetra8, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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With so many token moves from the club at the beginning of this calendar year and so many claims of moving forward, fans have subjected themselves to poor performances galore hoping to see some progress. But as one by one, things have fallen through: the deal with Mr. Bee, the stadium, and Berlusconi’s random opening of the wallet, it has become obvious that progress is not in the plans. But with the announcement that Boateng is likely to sign in January and the reports that Montolivo is set to sign a three year extension, not only are we no longer going forward, we are actually regressing.

 The victim of all of this bad news in one podcast was Pete, of fame. If you miss his regular brilliance there, then you should follow him on Twitter at @pdacquaviva. We commiserated about:

  • News of the Week: regressing
  • Season Update: Milan’s regression
  • What the Hell, Milan? regression
  • Mihajlovic Trolling: LOL
  • Coming Up: try to avoid the upcoming matches

If you are not following Pete on Twitter @pdacquaviva, you are seriously missing out. And if you are going to reminisce about the good old days, go back and read his old posts at Your mind will thank you.

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