It’s so hard to keep one’s head on straight with all that has happened at Milan. We lose or draw to a relegation side, and it’s easy to go to that dark place where we have spent so much time in these past few years. We win a game, and it’s easy to start building expectations too high again because we want to return to glory so badly. And that’s just the fans. But if you look carefully, the team at least seem to be gradually improving their mentality. However there are clouds on the horizon, with changes possible in the mercato and elsewhere. With a very fragile new mentality following a big win, it’s best to explore all things Milan with a grain of salt.


Because this is a fan podcast, I am always looking for passionate Milan fans all over the world. This time, I found Joe, from the East coast of the United States. Recording after the Fiorentina win, we talked about:


  • News of the Week: Injury, speaking out, warnings, making chances, strong Serie A, Platini fail, Barbara’s wisdom
  • Season Update: summary of the recent matches
  • Mercato Update: transfer news
  • Leadership on the Pitch: should they stay or should they go?
  • Coming Up: a look ahead


Thanks again to Joe for a great chat and for his undying support of Milan from afar

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It may be a new year, but we are nearly mid season and it seems that we are destined to remain stuck in the middle… in the middle of the table, in the middle of a neverending rebuilding, and in the middle of a crisis for fans. We are continually asking ourselves why we continue to support this club. But for many of us, there are a lot of signs of life with some of our players, and that is worth talking about. So near the midseason mark, it seemed appropriate to talk about our midseason player ratings instead of our usual search for justification of our devotion to this club.

With a new year, I needed a new guest. So I invited long-time Milan Obsession reader Nathan. Follow him on Twitter for all of his Milan opinions @NathanTManuel. You can also read his guest post from a while back. For this special epic movie and holiday edition, we talked about:

  • News of the Week: Going home, marriage, family, team of the year, and schadenfreude
  • Season Update: where we are in the standings
  • Mercato Update: transfer news
  • Midseason Player Ratings: rating all Milan players on a scale of 1-10
  • Coming Up: a look ahead

Thanks again to Nathan for ringing in the New Year in Milan style. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @NathanTManuel for great opinions about Milan and more. And don’t forget to re-read his passionate guest post from last year.

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