During the International Break, there is time to reflect on how the season is going so far. As usual, it’s a mixed bag, even if the results are flattering to the performances. But the one thing that is obvious and everyone seems to agree upon is that Milan is getting younger. A lot younger. So many young players have been getting playing time, it’s actually very exciting.

To help me discuss the young talent, I needed the best scout in the world, which is obviously David. You can follow the legend himself on Twitter @DavidLSwan. And while you’re there, let’s make sure that he gets the Director of Sport job instead of Mirabelli, so be sure to use the hashtag #DavidForDS. In between saving Milan from making a massive mistake, we also discussed:

  • News of the Week: Milan taking over FIFA, Powered by Diesel, Golden Boy Award nominee, Papa Paletta, Milan average age, Milan fans holding strong, Milan Ladies won, Inter suck, Galliani announcement 
  • Update Sale of the Club: latest updates
  • Season Update: reviewing the matches to date
  • International Break: the Milan players who are representing
  • Injury Update: players on the training table
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to David for gracing us with his presence once again. Follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan and remember #DavidForDS. I want to see this trending.

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