Milan are celebrating their 119th birthday having just crashed out of the Europa League and then being slapped with sanctions from UEFA. Not the birthday gifts we were hoping for, but at least not playing in the Europa League might help curb our injury crisis. It’s enough to give anyone the holiday blues.

With nothing to celebrate, we needed twice the star power, so we invited both David and Pete to be on the podcast this time. You can follow David @DavidLSwan on Twitter and Pete at @PDAcquaviva on Twitter. Together, we lamented and laughed about:

  • News of the Week: new player, small profit, new head of scouting, new CEO, nomination, godless January, Curva milestone, happy birthday
  • Match Reviews: reviews of recent matches
  • FFP Sanctions: discussing the new sanctions
  • Coming up: upcoming matches, lesson in timezones

Thanks again to both David and Pete for blessing us with their wit and wisdom. To further bless your lives, follow them on Twitter @DavidLSwan and @PDAcquaviva.

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Gattuso just celebrated his first year as Milan’s head coach, so of course his track record has been under the microscope. But with recent results and performances improving, the microscope is looking pretty favorably at him. Much of the attention this week is turning towards Milan’s new CEO, Ivan Gazidis. Certainly, there is always plenty to talk about at Milan.

This conversation needed some genius, so we obviously invited Jovan to join us. We discussed all things Milan, especially:

  • News of the Week: indestructible defender, political statements, UEFA list, surgery news, scoring savant, 4th place!
  • Match Reviews: reviews of recent matches
  • Welcome Gazidis: a new CEO for Milan
  • Gattuso’s First Year: strengths and weaknesses
  • Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Jovan for sharing his genius with us. Beware of exceptional genius wandering at large around Montenegro.

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