By some miracle, Milan are still in fourth place. Morale is high, especially with the performances of a few individuals. Still, there is plenty to discuss and much to be improved within the team. And no one knows better what those things are than the most devout of Milan fans. Good Times.

The most devout of Milan fans includes podcast favorites Pete and David. You can follow Pete on Twitter @PDAcquaviva for his wisdom and follow David @DavidLSwan for his humor. Or is that reverse? The four of us wisely laughed about:

  • Lightning Round: quick questions about favorites
  • News of the Week: UEFA and ECA, making babies, Valentine love, new kit, Inter schadenfreude
  • Match Reviews: reviews of recent Serie A matches
  • Donnarumma Form: stats and discussion
  • Midfield Form: talking Bakayoko and more
  • Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to both Pete and David for both making us think and making us laugh. For more wit and wisdom, follow them on Twitter @PDAcquaviva and@DavidLSwan.

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Milan are still in fourth place, even if they still struggle to take advantage of opposition teams dropping points and widen the gap. But confidence is growing, the a number of clean sheets is growing, and we finally have a competent management. Which is why we had the best January mercato ever. Not only is it our first January mercato in so very long, but we truly strengthened the squad to make us more competitive, and we also lowered our wage bill at the same time.


Because we recorded during the absolute worst Super Bowl game in history, our guests were all sitting in shock while Jonathan and I talked about all things Milan. Our discussion included:

  • News of the Week: Actual respect, respect fail, benevolence, clean sheets, European top ten, Mihajlovic for the win, Elaine‚Äôs luscious schadenfreude week
  • Match Reviews: reviews of recent Serie A and Coppa Italia matches
  • January Mercato: all of the ins and outs of this mercato
  • Coming up: upcoming matches
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