New directors, a new coach, and the mercato ready to open, yet the biggest news is that Milan gave up the Europa League to clear our FFP violations. Yet even more important than all of that is that Montolivo, the parasitical, inaccurate passing, tattle-tell, wall-ducking player who usurped the captaincy and got coaches fired is finally leaving the club. To prepare to celebrate the best thing that has happened at Milan in seven years, I give you Montolivo Out.


Only one person could fully represent on such an important podcast, so we asked Pete to join us. Follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva to see why he was our man. We talked about:

  • Lightning Round: the most important one to date
  • News of the Week: Get out Fassone, welcome Massara, Italy U21, more stadium woes
  • Mercato: in, out, sell, not, medicals
  • Finally FFP: CAS Consent Award, No Europa League, UEFA losers

Thanks again to Pete for a great season review You can follow him and show your support for his causes @PDAcquaviva on Twitter.

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The transfer window hasn’t even officially opened yet, but with no Milan football, it’s like a petri dish of infectious rumors right now. Mixed in for good measure is a little truth. Some truths are more desirable than others, too. But whether you prefer to know the truth or love to cling to the rumors, this podcast will have something for everyone. Because it’s that time of the year.

With a few big announcements and some things fans hope to be announced, Jonathan and I chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Serie A ups and downs, coaching changes, Piatek, Golden Boy nominations, Platini questioned
  • New Management: new appointments announced
  • New coach: Giampaolo announced
  • Mercato: do you believe?
  • UEFA Is a Four Letter Word: truth and rumors
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After the heartbreak of finishing only one point shy of Champions League qualification hit like a punch to the stomach on the final matchday, Milan face even more big changes. With the resignation of our Sporting Director, Leonardo, and coach Gattuso rescinding his contract, and UEFA still delaying their FFP rulings yet again, it feels like just another poor Milan season. But we found plenty to talk about while rating the players and more to make this season not just another Year Zero.

An epic season review podcast requires the most passionate of fans, so we invited Federico to help us. You can follow him on Twitter @Fefinho83. He is also the founder of the Milan Club Buenos Aires. You can follow the club @MilanClubBAires. We discussed:

  • News of the Week: Primavera heartbreak, Inter as usual
  • Match Review: review of last Serie A match 
  • Leonardo: rating his season after his exit
  • Gattuso: rating his season after his exit
  • Player Ratings: rating all of the players on their season 
  • Milan’s Future: discussing the plan going forward
  • Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Federico of Milan Club Buenos Aires for a great season review You can follow him and the club on Twitter @fefinho83 and follow the club @MilanClubBAires.

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