The only thing worse than losing the Derby is having to record a podcast after losing the Derby. But in hindsight, it helped to look at what is going on at the club and how the team are playing. It also helped to put things into perspective, looking at the big picture. Or maybe to make things less clear, I’m not sure. All I know is that Milan seem dazed and confused.


With our season starting out so poorly, we needed an expert to help us look at what is going on, so we asked the best: David. You can follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan, the L is for Legend. This time around, we discussed: 

  • Lightning Round: quick faves
  • News of the Week Month: Shirt sponsors, youth, stadium, congrats, record scoring, ban, racism, Quote of the Week
  • Match Reviews: talking recent performances
  • Giampaolo: madness
  • Milan’s Wage Bill: good news
  • Coming Up: upcoming fixtures

Thanks again to David for a lowering himself to our level. Follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan. Now. You won’t regret it.

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Some people don’t have any idea why I hate Inter so much. It goes well beyond sport, it’s not just a cross-town rivalry for me. Most people don’t seem to know or remember the events of 2006 and the scandal known as Calciopoli. Fewer people know Inter’s role in this scandal, let alone how they benefited from it. So with the Derby on the horizon, this podcast is all about why I hate Inter.

Jonathan was the mastermind behind this special podcast, and he was patient enough to listen to my ranting. We talked about:

  • Calciopoli: who was involved, who was punished and why, the legal shortcomings, the people behind the scandal, the “Paper Scudetto,” why the injustices haven’t been corrected, and the impact on Serie A
  • Inter and Racism: the latest douchebaggery 
  • Coming up: upcoming matches
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