Milan’s fortunes are taking an upturn, no matter how briefly, just in time to celebrate the 120th birthday of the club. We talked about all of the things going on at Milan, including recent matches as well as our favorite memories. Happy 120th Milan!

For such an epic podcast, and with Jonathan on vacation, I had to find epic guests, so of course I invited Dave and Angie from @MilanClubPhilly. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @MilanClubPhilly, and follow Angie on Twitter @AngieFante.

  • Lightning Round: Quick favorites
  • News of the Week: Lega Serie A leadership, epic smacktalk, injury, racism, Bennacer, sports bar, Sport for All
  • Match Reviews: talking the recent match
  • Happy 120 th Birthday Milan: celebrations and looking back
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Dave and Angie for the great convo, please give them a follow: @MilanClubPhilly on Twitter and also on Instagram, and Ange is on Twitter @AngieFante.

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