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An AC Milan fan podcast for those who bleed red and black • made by and for fans

Jul 30, 2014

After reasonable success in their friendlies against Lega Pro sides, Milan put in two very poor performances against real teams in the ICC Tournament friendlies thus far. The mercato shows no promise, and to make things worse, the Serie A schedule was released and we face a very difficult start. So if you still have any hopes for this season, your worst fears seem to be being realized. We tried to find the small positives in what is shaping up to be another very painful season for Milan fans.

For this podcast, I was joined once again by the original Milan Obsession member, Francesco. We discussed: 

• News of the Week: Away kit release, small victories, Balotelli’s PSA, Juventus Allegrified

• Match Reviews and Previews: ICC Friendlies: Milan 0, Olympiacos 3; Milan 1, Manchester City 5. Coming up: Liverpool vs. Milan on Sat. Aug. 2nd, and Chivas Guadalajara vs. Milan on Wed. Aug. 6th 

• Mercato News: Updates and rumors 

• Where is the Youth? Will we see a lot of youth get time this year?

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week 

Thanks once again to Francesco, who showed exceptional patience and flexibility trying to record this podcast. Follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8 and look for his omnipresent and fun comments on the blog.