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An AC Milan fan podcast for those who bleed red and black • made by and for fans

Dec 3, 2013

One of my favorite voices on Twitter is Anthony, coming to us again from the land down under. Well versed in football and particularly Milan, he is also well spoken. Our conversation this time included:   • News of the Week: Curva Sud tantrum, Galliani’s tantrum, Milan Glorie FTW   • Tactics: the center forward hierarchy   • Reviews: Serie A week 13: Milan vs. Genoa, Champions League: Celtic vs. Milan, Serie A week 14 at Catania   • Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 15 at Livorno, Champions League: Milan vs. Ajax, Serie A week 16: Milan vs. Roma   • Curva Sud Gone Wild:  the protests at the Genoa match   • Changes at the Top:  double the CEOs   • Player Spotlight:  Kaká   Thanks so much to Anthony for another amazing podcast! Give him a follow on Twitter @AVBanovac for great insights and conversation. [...]