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An AC Milan fan podcast for those who bleed red and black • made by and for fans

Oct 22, 2013

Just in time for the Barcelona game, we have our favorite leader of the Curva Sud America coming straight from Messi’s homeland of Argentina, Francesco. We commiserate and laugh and discuss:   • News of the Week: Painful defeats, Slumber parties, and a new defender   • Tactics: conceding set pieces   • International Roundup: Milan players on national team duty   • Review: Serie A week 8 vs, Udinese   • International Break: which Milan players are called up   • Upcoming Matches Preview: Champions League: Milan vs. Barcelona, Serie A week 9 vs. Parma, Serie A Round 10 at Parma, Serie A Round 11 vs. Fiorentina   • How to Survive this Season with Milan: Drink suggestions from our expert bartender   • Player Spotlight:  Valter Birsa     Thanks so much to Francesco, our official Milan Obsession bartender and leader of the Curva Sud America. Follow him on Twitter at @FrancescoPetra8 and wish him luck surviving the Barca [...]