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An AC Milan fan podcast for those who bleed red and black • made by and for fans

Jun 4, 2014

With the level of douchebaggery at Milan already so high at Milan, I called in the big guns to help sort everything out. So we, the Milan Obsession Fantastic Four, talk about the coaching situation and then sort through the roster to give management some ideas as to who to sell and who to keep this summer. Last but not least, we introduce the Milan Obsession Douchebagery Alert System™ to help you know what levels of douchebaggery are going on at any given time. You’re welcome. 

The Fantasic Four includes the President of the Curva Sud America, Francesco; The Comeback Kid, Derek; the awesome Miami Vice, Derwuin, and yours truly. We examined the following douchebaggery:

• News of the Week: Montolivo hitched, No more co-ownerships, Conte’s Premature Exclamation

• Seedorf Out?

• Inzaghi In?

 • Mercato Forecast: Review of all Milan players & discussing contracts, salaries, and whether or not they should stay at the club this summer

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week


Thanks to my superhero Milan fans, the Milan Obsession Fantstic Four. Follow Francesco on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8; follow Derek @DeekMonn and follow Derwuin @D_Mendez3