Milan·s performances and results recently are lacking, but things are improving off the pitch. The announcement that Ivan Gazidis is finally going to come to the club as CEO was contrasted by lackluster performances on the pitch. Gattuso·s lack of exper

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The clouds have truly lifted at Milanello, and the source of that bright shining light is not the sun, but rather the legendary Paolo Maldini. His mere presence has changed the atmosphere at and around the club. Victory is that much sweeter when he is watching his beloved team play as a director, where he should have been since he retired. He’s helped everyone raise their levels already, even Gattuso. That is the power of Maldini.


Even our guests were on International Break this week. But in their absence, we discussed:

  • News of the Week: Europa League, NT duty, wage bills, players out, Conti’s return, the armband fiasco
  • Match Review: review of the Roma victory
  • Gattuso Tactics: not an oxymoron
  • Legends return: the Maldini effect
  • Coming up: upcoming matches


Please try to keep yourself together for the rest of the break… Milan will be returning before you know it!

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One game into the season and the media has already called for Gattuso’s head. Amidst all of the ridiculous hyperbole of the media and the fans, we try to sort through what actually happened in the match and perhaps apply a more realistic view of what might happen this season, particularly with our grinta-filled coach. 

Our guest this time was the amazing Debopam, who is one of the staff at You can follow him on Twitter @rossoneri, and you should definitely check out the book “Tiro: A Football Odyssey from Amazon to Alps.” For this podcast, we talked about:

  • News of the Week: UEFA honor, football helping out, dysfunctional calcio
  • Match Review: review of recent match
  • Gattuso: Discussing the Mister
  • Coming up: upcoming matches 

Thanks again to Debopam for his great conversation. Follow him on Twitter @rossoneri and check out For a real football treat, pick up “Tiro: A Football Odyssey from Amazon to Alps.”

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_118.mp3
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OFFICIAL: The Milan Obsession Podcast has signed Jonathan to a longterm contract as cohost. Details of the contract were undisclosed.

Following Leonardo’s example, we have signed a permanent cohost, and expect the podcast to also qualify for the Champions League of podcasts this season. So while we were under the influence of extreme optimism, we previewed the new season with unicorns and rainbows.

We invited Pavlo to bring his optimism agenda and his passion and wisdom to discuss the upcoming season. Follow him on Twitter @PavloBrk. Our optimistic party included:

  • News of the Week: New captain, renewal, Kaka dreams, club mentality, rap battle, Milan heart, Inter laughs
  • Mercato: News and rumors
  • Match Reviews: reviews of recent matches
  • Season Preview: Talking players, coach, and forecast
  • Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Pavlo for raining down optimism upon us. Follow him on Twitter to hold him to his rosy predictions @PavloBrk

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_117.mp3
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The long awaited Return of the King, Paolo Maldini, has finally occurred. I have a theory as to why, and it all started with one lucky fan. He won a chance to meet the team, but ended up meeting Gattuso instead. After that, Leonardo was hired on. Then Higuain and Caldara came to Milan. And finally, the return of Maldini. That is a whole lot of luck.

That lucky fan is Ricardo, who flew to Los Angeles from Texas just to watch the game. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Ricky7990. Who knows, maybe some of his luck will rub off on you. In the meantime, he and I chatted about:

  • News of the Week: No B team, Montolivo get out, Strinic in, Calhanoglu’s woman problems, Fasssone’s lack of class, Ambrosini’s new challenge, VAR replays, U.S. TV rights
  • ICC U.S. Tour: second half recap
  • Friendlies: reviews of Tottenham and Barcelona matches
  • Milan in Los Angeles: Meeting Gattuso and watching Milan live
  • Mercato: News and rumors
  • The Return of the King: Maldini’s glorious return
  • Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Ricardo for sharing his great luck with all of us Milan fans and for his time on the podcast. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Ricky7990

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In spite of all of the changes off the pitch, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Milan up close and personal here in Los Angeles. From stalking them at the airport to meeting Gattuso to watching them play right before my very eyes, it brought me great joy at a time when there are so many unanswered questions at the club.

My favorite intern, Jonathan, also has plans to see the team up close and personal this season, but at the San Siro. We discussed:

  • News of the Week: future legendary coaches, shut up and work, finally Kalinic, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, ciao Capitano, no thank you Puma, train cup, U19 Euros
  • Friendlies: reviews of Novara & Manchester United matches
  • Serie A Calendar: 2018-19 calendar just released
  • UEFA Ruling: CAS overturned UEFA’s ruling
  • Ownership & Management Changes: out with the old, in with the new
  • Coming up: next friendlies

Thanks again to Jonathan for being a fantastic intern, a passionate Milan fan, and future San Siro pitch invader.


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Another change in ownership, a ban from Europe, and a zero balance mercato. When will Milan fans catch a break? So much to talk about, but nothing that we would like to be talking about. And yet as fans, we are still here, still emotionally committed to the red and black. So it seems that hope is all we have.

A fan podcast requires passionate fans, and Pavlo is one of the most devout fans around. Follow him on Twitter for his knowledge, wisdom, and Milan passion @PavloBrk. For this podcast, we chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Someone’s lying, Dreaded 3 man defense returning, Spelling errors, Ciao Abbiati, New Youth Sector Director, Maldini is going somewhere, Pig farming crime, Graduation, Curva Sud statement, Serie A season, World Cup or something
  • Mercato News: why it’s so hard to sell players
  • Ownership: the hedge fund arrives
  • UEFA Ruling: waiting for the appeal 
  • Important Summer Dates: when and where Milan will be

Thanks again to Pavlo for bringing hope and optimism at a time when it feels like all is lost.

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Raduno literally means ·rally,· and that is what is supposed to happen to kick of Milan·s new season today. But what can we rally around? The new kit is poor, we don·t know if we·ll have Europe or not still, and now we don·t even know who will own t

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_113.mp3
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At a point when our mercato should be taking shape and all of us getting excited for the Europa League and the season, we still have no idea whether or not we will be playing in Europa League. Which has put our mercato completely on hold and intensified rumors surrounding the financial stability of the club. Of course, there’s plenty of other corruption and douchebaggery in Italy to discuss, but it doesn’t change Milan fans’ unresolved pain.

I always enjoy going back to the beginning, and for Milan Obsession, that beginning included Jovan. A lifelong Milan fan and knowledgeable football connoisseur, he and I talked about:

  • News of the Week: extension, criminals, women, Supercoppa, broadcasting rights fail, new coaches, corruption, tennis, shame, farewell
  • World Cup: Is there a World Cup going on or something?
  • UEFA Ruling: still no answers
  • Important Summer Dates: when and where Milan will be

 Thanks again to Jovan for listening to the rants and being willing to talk Milan when there’s not a lot of great stuff to talk about.

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A season that was supposed to redeem Milan and the hopes of Milan fans took a sharp turn downwards with UEFA’s announcement that they refused to give Milan a settlement agreement. Despite the damper that put on the season and the far reaching implications that the news creates for our future, it was a good time to sit down and reflect on the team and all of our players.

When you want a balanced perspective on Milan, you should talk to Pete. So follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva. To wrap up all of the disappointment of this season, we discussed:

  • News of the Week: dumped by an ex, players announcing themselves, a non-European Champions League, breaking wind
  • Player Ratings: Who should stay and who should go
  • Gattuso: his future at Milan
  • Yonghong Li, UEFA, and the Elliott Fund: fact vs. fiction

Thanks again to Pete for being willing to drudge through the disappointments and dissect our players’ season instead of sleeping or something productive. Please follow him @PDAcquaviva on Twitter.

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There is plenty to talk about at the end of the season, especially our first full season under our new management. But in addition to everything on the pitch, fans have created a controversy that is literally larger than life. And I am not happy about it. So for this episode, you get to hear me rant. A lot.

Nothing is better than talking to a true Milan fan. Unless you get to talk to a true Milan fan who has also played professionally. That is why I asked Intern Jonathan on once again. In between rants, we chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Visit from the President, awards, Nesta in Serie B, Italy National Team, contract extension, best keeper in Serie B, Parma promotion, new partnership, Biglia news
  • Season Update: Serie A update
  • Donnarumma Rant: will Elaine’s head explode?
  • Bonucci’s Leadership: meeting Ermanno
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches


Thanks again to Jonathan for listening patiently to my rants and being the best intern ever.

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After a season of hot and cold performances, looming ahead of us is a cold, dark mercato where there is more confusion than clarity. Despite a meeting with UEFA and a shareholder’s meeting, there are more questions than answers coming from management. And to make matters worse, the future of Mirabelli at Milan is also swirling with rumors and speculation, leaving us further in the depths of confusion

Milan’s recent years have been so traumatic, longtime Milan fan David has become slightly confused about his allegiance. I think he checked out before Allegri left, so he doesn’t realize that Allegri has been at Juve all of these years. You can follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan to witness the confusion yourself. But I always feel bad for people with traumatic injuries, so I invited him on the podcast again. We discussed:

  • News of the Week: New leaked kits, Ciao Oddo, Pirlo’s big night, second teams coming, Biglia’s injury
  • Season Update: Serie A update
  • Mirabelli rumors: will he stay or go?
  • Financial Update: update on Milan finances
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches

Thanks again to David for being a great sport and for humoring me my fashion expertise. Follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan to see if you can figure out which team he supports.

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In six days we played three games and went from good to okay to the worst just like that. We also lost another starter to a season-ending injury. Milan·s scoring problem is finally unable to be ignored, and the historic worst game was enough to suck the

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_108.mp3
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We hit a bit of a wall in our march toward a return to Champions League, with a loss and two draws in our last three matches. But whatever frustration we have with results and injuries, we also are blessed with a great leader to see us through the tough times. Whatever differences people may have, the one thing I think we can all agree on is that we are all on Team Gattuso.

Every team needs players like my new intern Jonathan. He can start, play 90 minutes, or be a super sub when needed. For this podcast, he stepped up once again and we talked about:

  • News of the Week: Conti setback, hair challenge, best gamers, leaked new kits, Gattuso renewal, more Calciopoli snakes
  • Season Update: Serie A update
  • Gattuso’s Press Conferences: rating the big man’s words
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches

Thanks again to Jonathan for being an ideal intern and super sub and for sharing his wisdom and love of Milan with us.

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For the past six years or more, Milan fans have been clinging to any hope available, with our dreams being crushed repeatedly like the endless crashing waves in the sea. But now, something has changed. Both on and off of the pitch, fans no longer have to cling to hopes. We have belief.

If you want someone with incredible prognosticating powers, then Vinny is your man. You can listen to Vinny and his sidekick on the Milan Weekly Pod and also follow on Twitter @MilanWeeklyPod and also @ACMClubMTL. He shared his genius with us once again:

  • News of the Week: Live action Mario Kart, positive stats, Coppa Italia Final announced, ICC tournament news, Elaine fangirling
  • Sacchi’s Sanity: quotes from the maestro
  • Season Update: Europa League and Serie A update
  • Injuries: update on injured players
  • International Duty: update on players playing for their national teams
  • Milan’s Financial Situation: sifting through the media garbage
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches

Thanks again to Vinny for sharing his genius and especially for the amazing prediction of our unbeaten streak. Listen for more of his genius on Milan Weekly Pod and follow them on Twitter @MilanWeeklyPod or on @ACMClubMTL

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Milan has made great strides forward recently on the pitch. And despite recent hiccups, a 13 game unbeaten streak with six consecutive wins and six consecutive clean sheets is some incredibly positive momentum. But stepping back and looking to where we were a year ago, just before the sale of the club, there is even more forward progress. Fans of every kind are already beginning to forget what the club has been through over the past six years and look forward to even better times ahead.

Pete joined us again to offer his wisdom and perspective. And speaking of wisdom and perspective, you can get more of it by following him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva. After the Genoa match, we talked about:

  • News of the Week: Kit sponsor, coach salary, free agents, Bachelor Milan Edition, VAR, rescheduling the Derby
  • Gattuso Gem of the Week: quote of the week from the Mister
  • Season Update: Europa League and Serie A update
  • Looking Back: how Milan has changed in the past year
  • Fanship: looking at Milan and Arsenal from both sides
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches 

Thanks again to Pete for his wisdom and insights. Follow him on Twitter to abuse him or to enjoy watching others abuse him @PDAcquaviva

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Games were canceled this weekend to show respect for a player who slipped away too soon. The loss of Davide Astori allowed us to take some time to consider what is really important and to pay our respects. And in that spirit of respect, we also decided to have a conversation ahead of the Europa League match with Arsenal from both sides of the stadium.

Adam is the host of Touchline Radio Podcast, and a devout Arsenal fan (with a place in his heart for Milan.) You can also follow him on Twitter @TouchlineRadio or on Instagram or Facebook, or listen to his podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, or acast. Despite being frenemies for the next two weeks, we had a great conversation about our respective teams. We talked about:

  • Astori Tribute: emotions for the loss our former Milan youth player
  • Maldini Moment: quote of the week from the legend
  • Europa League: looking at Milan and Arsenal from both sides
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches

Thanks again to Adam for sharing his passion about Arsenal and his love of football. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and listen in on Soundcloud, iTunes, or acast.

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Celebrating five years of the podcast with a positive string of results is apparently enough to bring optimism to even the most practical of Milan fans. So much optimism, in fact, that we’re still having dreams of Europe. But with players like Borini scoring, the sky is the limit as far as our dreams go.

In my search to talk with Milan fans all over the world, I invited Jonathan to the podcast all the way from Toronto, Canada. We talked about:

  • News of the Week: Social media backlash, red card records, Inter suck, ruling China, Coach Seedorf, FIGC leadership, Primavera awesome
  • Season Update: update on Serie A & Coppa Italia matches
  • Mercato: report on the end of the winter mercato
  • Moving Forward: discussing tactics and our forwards
  • European Dreams: talking Europa League and Champions League 
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches 

Thanks again to Jonathan for some great conversation. Fiorentina are worse off, and Milan are so lucky for your devotion.

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_103.mp3
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Recorded on Sunday after the first Lazio match, there was plenty to talk about on and off the pitch. With three straight wins, something we haven’t seen since the beginning of the season, that elusive optimism has popped up once again for Milan fans everywhere. It may not last, but for now we have something to smile about.

This fan podcast wouldn’t be a podcast without Francesco, aka the Other Pope. You can follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. We chatted about:

  • News of the Week: New Milan baby, Yonghong Li speaks, Diesel rocks, President Weah, speaking out against cyberbullying, political zombies, FIGC elections
  • Season Update: update on Serie A matches
  • Wisdom from Maldini: speaking about the current Milan
  • VAR: new stats and quotes from the referee designator
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches

Thanks again to Francesco for more fun convo about Milan. Give him a follow on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8.

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_102.mp3
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The late winter break is only really good for one thing: talking about the players and the season to date. So we took full advantage of the opportunity and hashed out every player in the squad just for you. You’re welcome.

One of the few Milan fans I could talk an hour about Milan with and not get bored is Pete. You can follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva for all of his wisdom about Milan and more. This time we talked about:

  • News of the Week: Gattuso getting old, new partnership in China, GPS, Mirabelli speaks, Bacca assessment
  • Player Ratings:






  • Coming up: Upcoming matches

Thanks again to Pete for spending so much time haggling numbers with me and making me laugh. Follow him on Twitter for more thought provoking tweets and humor @PDAcquaviva.

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We watch them play on the pitch each week, we support the club they own, but who are these people, really? Are there things we should know about them that we don’t? These were some of the questions we tried to find answers to, along with some of the more tangible things to discuss at Milan these days.

How fitting that for this 100 th podcast, I should go back to the beginning. I invited Milan Obsession co-founder and original podcast guest Jovan to join me for this discussion:

  • News of the Week: King George, centennial matches, music video, fitness trainer
  • Season Update: Serie A update
  • Injuries and Mercato Update: Latest news
  • Coach Gattuso: Do we have the right coach?
  • Refinancing: The latest on Milan finances
  • Calhanoglu: Man of mystery 
  • VAR: First half of the season update
  • Coming up: Upcoming matches 

Thanks again to Jovan, lifelong Milan fan and wise beyond his years, for more great discussion about all things Milan. If you enjoy his brilliance, you’ll probably also enjoy his writing, such as this classic about Savicevic and Boban.

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_100.mp3
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The constant turns and twists of Milan’s fate can be difficult to keep up with. We look to every game with hope in our hearts and are rarely rewarded. Off the pitch there is even more craziness, and if you are truly looking for answers, social media is definitely not the place. But as fans, if we stick together and wade through the rumors and critics and cling to reality, we can perhaps find some answers together.

The stars aligned so that I could have Susy on the podcast to chat about all things Milan. Follow her on Twitter @SusyCampanale and also follow @FootballItalia, where she is the brilliant editor for the amazing English speaking Serie A site. A little known fact is that despite her neutrality on the site, she is a devout Milanista. So we chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Hall of Fame, retirement, Milan birthday gift, Montella’s new job
  • Season Update: Serie A,Europa League, and Coppa Italia update
  • Donnarumma Saga 2.0: fan douchebaggery
  • Gattuso: highs and lows
  • Milan’s Future: still looking for answers
  • Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Susy for her fantastic insights. Follow her on Twitter @SusyCampanale to get more brilliant insights and also follow @FootballItalia to get up to the moment Serie A news in English.

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_99.mp3
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With the long overdue yet surprise sacking of Montella and the unfortunately predictable promoting of Gattuso from the Primavera squad, fans are dealing with yet another change at the club.  And not a change for the better. Despite making a coaching change to improve results, management have chosen a coach who is least likely to do that. It seems the club have lowered expectations.

Battling late nights, technology glitches, and having to talk about Gattuso, David truly was a Legend this time around. Follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan out of pity alone. And while you’re following, listen to what we talked about against all odds:

  • News of the Week: Change in fortunes, change in kits, worldwide fans, congrats Oddo, Milan class
  • Season Update: Serie A & Europa League update
  • Montella: regrets
  • Gattuso: regrets
  • Ownership: questions, FFP, refinancing, #WeAreNotAfraid
  • VAR: regrets
  • Coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to David for his wisdom and his patience. Follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan to take advantage of the money back guarantee offered. 

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_98.mp3
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Milan are playing poorly, and mentality seems to be suffering. With three losses in seven league matches, everyone is getting stressed out. The players are under scrutiny. Montella particularly is under scrutiny. There have already been crisis meetings with Fassone and Mirabelli. But one solution has been largely overlooked, and this podcast reveals it: Borini for Captain.


The genius behind this solution is Vinny. Formerly of Red Card Weekly on YouTube, Vinny and his partner in crime are now the voices of @MilanWeeklyPOD, the English podcast for Radio Rossonera International. In addition to solving all of Milan’s problems, we discussed:

  • News of the Week: New sponsor, Niang love, Injury recovery, earthquake slam, new look Italy, Montella honored
  • Matches: a quick recap of games
  • International Break: highlights of Milan’s players on NT duty
  • Mentality and Montella: discussing Montella’s & Milan’s situation
  • Derby predictions and coming up: upcoming matches

Thanks again to Vinny for a great discussion about everything Milan. Follow @MilanWeeklyPOD and tune into Radio Rossonera International to hear more of his brilliant wisdom.

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_97.mp3
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Milan fans are pretty happy these days until there is a loss. Then it is an end of the world scenario. But not everyone wants to sack the coach after a poor 90 minutes. It’s important to keep looking forward and having healthy discussions about where the club is headed.


I always know I can count on Jovan, the co-founder of Milan Obsession, to speak practically even after a tough loss. Licking our wounds after the Sampdoria match, we talked about:

  • News of the Week: Injury Tuesdays, Conti’s surgery, Golden Boy, new partner, contract improvements and extensions, cleaning up at Juve
  • Matches: a quick recap of games
  • VAR: pros and cons, grade so far
  • #Montella Out: discussing this social media movement
  • Fassone: discussing his words and transparency
  • Coming up: upcoming Europa League & Serie A matches

Thanks again to Jovan for the great Milan conversation. Let’s wish him the best in his travels this weekend. May he bring us all luck!

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_96.mp3
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Serie A is underway, and Milan qualified for the group stages of the Europa League. With some exciting wins, fans were excited, but now with a massive loss to Lazio in the league, there are a lot of doubts flying. So I think we can say officially that Milan are in the trenches.

When the framework of a rebuilding starts to take shape, you need someone who has been in the trenches. So obviously, I asked Christian to join for this convo. You can follow him on Twitter @CLumia and also check out his new Serie A account, @Calcio_Bros. This time we talked about:

  • News of the Week: Suso sizzles, transparency, Liedholm prize, Ambrosini talks captaincy
  • Matches: a quick recap of games
  • Mercato Report: who came and left
  • Europa League: our group stage draw and matches
  • International Break: a brief recap of players who played
  • Sports Marketing Course: a journey to Italy
  • Coming up: upcoming Europa League & Serie A matches

Thanks again to Christian for the great convo and relaying his travel adventures. Definitely follow him on @CLumia and also his brand new Serie A account @Calcio_Bros.


Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_95.mp3
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The team has been renewed. The preseason matches have been played. And whether or not Milan is ready, the new season is upon us. There is plenty to talk about, plenty to try to predict, and more than enough excitement in preparation for this much anticipated season. How this ends, only time will tell. But either the Devil is coming back, or we are in league with the devil. 

Gearing up for a new season, I needed someone in the know, so I asked Pete to sit down for a chat. You can follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva and read his blog at This is what we talked about: 

  • News of the Week: New CFO, season ticket sales, Europa League attendance record, injuries, new stadium for Atalanta 
  • Europa League qualifying and Friendly: a quick recap games and VAR
  • Mercato Update: who is leaving
  • Changing of the Captaincy: the greatest moment of justice ever
  • Financial Fair Play (FFP): update on Milan’s FFP status 
  • Season Predictions: Europa League, Serie A and Montella predictions
  • Coming up: Europa League playoff round and Serie A week 1

Thanks again to Pete for allowing me to be on his podcast again. Give him a follow @PDAcquaviva and read his blog

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_94.mp3
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Some people suffer from a serious condition called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is not to be taken lightly. Milan fans have also suffered over five years of trauma, and in some ways we may have our own version of PTSD. Nothing brings the flashbacks and anxiety back like talks of funding or deadlines, and there has been some talk about those things lately. However, there is football being played now, and still so many good things to talk about that we can still enjoy being a Milan fan better than we have in a long time.

Nothing says fan podcast like a guest who was born in Milano and is a second generation Milanista. That is, of course, Francesco. You can follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. This time, we chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Season tickets, killer kit, Mr. X returns, Gattuso, Serie A schedule for this season
  • Friendlies and Europa League qualifying: a quick recap of recent games
  • Mercato Update: who is staying and going
  • Biglia and Bonucci: the mystery behind them not playing
  • Pallotta’s Comments: financial smacktalk
  • Coming up: Europa League qualifier second leg

Thanks again to Francesco for a fantastic conversation once again. Give him a follow to see how the new signings affect the health of his liver: @FrancescoPetra8

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_93.mp3
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They said it would never happen. But “they” are mostly Juventus legends who are clearly not up to date on modern football, or Juve fans who have had their hearts ripped out, stepped on, and shipped to Casa Milan. And “it” was Leonardo Bonucci agreeing to come to Milan. And be our new captain. And possibly impregnate our women. (Okay, I may have made that last part up. There is a lot of hysteria around this transfer. Forgive me.) With five new players coming in since the last podcast and more possibly being signed as I type this, Milan’s mercato has become a frenzy of spending, celebrating, and sheer excitement for the future. Please join us as we celebrate Bonucci Madness.

With Milan buying players faster than Berlusconi can get out of a lawsuit, I needed someone knowledgeable and sensible to sort everything out with. So of course I spoke with David. You can follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan (the “L” is for legend.) We spoke about:

  • News of the Week: Edgar Davids fashion, friendly in Lugano, the Europa League Draw
  • Mercato Update: new signings, renewals, departures, and Borini
  • Leonardo Bonucci: Juve exit, Milan captaincy, impact on formation, etc.
  • Coming up: ICC Tournament matches

Thanks again to David for a fantastic conversation once again. Except for the Inter bits. I should have deleted those. Still, do follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan, it’s the best thing you’ll do all year.

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_92.mp3
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With the team returning to Milanello, there is excitement in the air. All of the new signings not only give Milan fans something to talk about, but also something to finally truly dream about. There are some players leaving, some deals yet to be worked out. But for the first time in years, the return to Milanello will actually feel like a rally, or raduno.

Kicking off a new season meant I needed a new guest, and that was Christian. You can follow Christian on Twitter @CLumia, and you will definitely want to follow him to see what he’s got coming up. On the podcast, we talked about:

  • News of the Week: Tennis anyone?, Italy U21, Silva’s Portugal, U16 Scudetto, returning to Milanello, social media problems
  • Club Update: board of directors meeting and more 
  • Mercato Update: new signings, renewals, and departures
  • Coming up: summer friendlies and Europa League qualifying

Thanks again to Christian for the great conversation. Follow him on Twitter @CLumia to see what’s coming next.

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 Anger. Pain. Hurt. Disappointment. Despite such a promising beginning to our mercato, we are all filled with anger. I never knew an 18 year old could break my heart like this, even when I was 18 years old. Donnarumma represented hope, faith, and the future of Milan, so his failure to sign a contract renewal represents a death of all of those things on some level. With emotions still raw, it was important to talk about what we know and how we feel.

I had to go back to the beginning for a conversation like this, so I asked my original co-blogger and founder of Milan Obsession, Jovan, to be on the podcast. We managed to talk about a few things besides Donnarumma, including:


  • News of the Week: Suso, U21 Euros, U20 World Cup, FFP agreement, new team manager
  • Mercato Update: new signings
  • Donnarumma: renewal failure


Thanks again to Jovan for funneling his anger into intelligent conversation and for helping me to not break something while recording.

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The sale of the club drastically changed Milan’s finances. But this season put Milan back in black in a footballing sense as well. With a positive season, a Supercoppa trophy, a sixth place finish, and thus a third round Europa League qualifying spot. And as if the season wasn’t enough to smile about, we are already making some very exciting signings in the mercato, too. So on every front, Milan are back in black.

It’s difficult to imagine such an epic podcast without the brilliant Pete. You can follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva. With so much going on, we had to pare down our discussion to:

  • News of the Week: King of Rome, New kits, Chinese restrictions, Gattuso, Donnarumma honors
  • Season Update: reviewing recent matches and season results
  • Player Review: discussing player performances and futures
  • Mercato Update: sifting through the rumors

Thanks again to Pete for helping to sum up an interesting season. Follow him on Twitter to find out when he writes again @PDAcquaviva.

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With an injured mentality, there’s a lot to be down about. But we managed to find things that are much more frightening. It was too easy to jump on the sunshine and rainbows train after the close of the sale of the club, and the performances on the pitch since then have pushed people too far. Reality is not as pretty, but there are still things to be happy about (like Inter’s shambolic season.) Also, we discovered the answer for everything.

In good times and in bad, I can always count on Francesco for good conversation about Milan. You can follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. Recording after the Roma defeat, we chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Inzaghi, communications, Milan Ladies, VAR, Ancelotti, Serie A racism, a visit from managemen
  • Season Update: reviewing recent matches
  • The Elliott Fund: why they took a gamble on Milan
  • The Summer Mercato: sifting through the rumors
  • Derby at Casa Milan: travel report
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to Francesco for a great conversation after a heartbreaking game. Follow him on Twitter to show your support for a fellow Milanista @FrancescoPetra8.

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After eleven months of uncertainty, the sale of Milan finally closed. The 31 year legacy of Berlusconi is over. But this new ownership raises as many questions as it brings answers. And speaking of answers, after Inter came into the Derby with a two point lead at halftime, Milan’s defenders came back with two goals of their own to answer. So recording right after that match, you can imagine what kind of conversation this was.

To discuss the massive changes at Milan, I needed a massive Milan fan, so of course I asked Michelangelo. You can follow him at @mkidj on Twitter and also on Snapchat at mkidj to find more wisdom. Find out what we chatted about:

  • News of the Week: new kits, new Milan babies
  • Season Update: reviewing Palermo and Inter matches
  • Sale of the Club: finally, actual news!
  • Club Finances: questions and answers about club finances
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to Michelangelo for the great postmatch conversation. Follow him on Twitter @mkidj also mkidj on snapchat.

If you liked this podcast, you might also like the latest @touchlineradio podcast where Elaine was Adam’s guest talking about the Derby, the club sale, and experiences in blogging, podcasting, and social media. Check it out on Soundcloud or in iTunes at Touchline Radio.

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Uncertain performances on the pitch and an uncertain future have left much to the imagination. With a Derby on the horizon and a European spot becoming less likely with every unconvincing performance, hopes are starting to fade on the pitch. Similarly, off the pitch the newest closing date seems more likely than ever, but only because of a massive loan that brings more questions than answers. All of it adds up to all new levels of uncertainty.

In times of uncertainty, I like to find wisdom, so of course I turned to Jovan for some much needed wisdom. He is the co-founder of Milan Obsession and always has some great perspective to offer. So we talked about some of the bigger issues at Milan right now, including:

  • News of the Week: Brocchi in the news, Silvio’s priorities, Summer fun, young player news, TV rights, Abate’s injury, bad news
  • Season Update: reviewing the matches to date
  • Sale of the Club: updates, news, forecasts
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to Jovan for sharing his wisdom and general awesomeness in a time of so much uncertainty

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I’m not gonna lie, this is not a positive podcast. If you’re not already taking any Milan-induced antidepressants, you probably should talk to your doctor before you listen to this one. Or at the very least buy stock in acohol. The club has sunk to new depths each year for the last four and a half years, and just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it does. With the latest failure to complete the sale of the club, you’re going to need a lot of Prozac to continue to support Milan.

Luckily, David was here to save the day and give us hope. He is the best scout in the world, he’s well-versed in Milan finances, and now he will be available via Twitter @DavidLSwan for your suicide prevention counseling needs. He blessed us with his wisdom in the following areas:

  • News of the Week: Donnarumma’s big birthday, Berlusconi landmark, ICC Tournament, Inter fined by association 
  • Season Update: reviewing the matches to date, meh midfield, quest for Europe
  • Sale of the Club: predictions, history, and speculation
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to David for saving us from ourselves and for making Montolivo’s impending return seem like a silver lining. Follow him on Twitter or else: @DavidLSwan

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Six years ago, Milan Obsession quietly came into existence as a humble little blog talking about Milan. Four years ago, the podcast was added. And now, in 2017, I think it’s clear that I will never stop talking about Milan. Ever. Like it or not, I took this chance to have a great chat about Milan to celebrate these milestones. You’re welcome.

Some Milan fans are born, others become legendary, and my guest this time did both of those things. Vinny just escaped the paparazzi after his brilliant Red Card Weekly videos and now he is one of the admins for the Milan Club Montreal. After escaping the nonstop hounding by the press and the nonstop harassment from women, he was kind enough to chat with me about:

  • News of the Week: Bonaventura extension, legends of Buffon, Berlusconi no show, Papa Vangioni, Oddo sacked
  • Season Update: reviewing the matches to date
  • Injuries: Milan’s walking dead
  • Montella: assessing his performances to date
  • Mercato Update: closing out Galliani’s epic mercato
  • Sale of the Club: updates and discussion
  • The Future: van Basten on Serie A
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

If you want to watch Milan in HD on RAI International, please sign the petition from Milan Club Montreal


Thanks again to Vinny for sharing his brief quiet moments talking Milan with me for your pleasure. Follow Milan Club Montreal on Twitter @ACMClubMTL.


Thank you to all of the support over the years here on the blog as well as on the podcast. Getting to interact with other Milan fans is the best part of all of this madness. Thank you for reading, listening, writing guest posts, commenting, interacting on Twitter, being my guest on podcasts, and everything all of you do to make my Milan Obsession seem sane.

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 The podcast has freed itself, at least for one episode, from the closet in the basement which it has been hiding in. Because midseason. There’s just too much to talk about. From day to day news, a season update, talking about Montella and the squad, to the vast amount of mercato news. Oh yeah, and that little subject of the sale of the club. So take advantage of this temporary freedom and listen… for the sake of the podcast. 

An epic return of the podcast required an epic guest. Which means Pete, of course. Anyone who has ever followed him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva knows what I am talking about. So in tackling the midseason mountain of dialogue, we discussed:

  • News of the Week: Papa Bertolacci, Suso’s right arm, Milan Ladies moment in the spotlight, Lapadula virtuoso, FIFA’s bigger World Cup, the letter J
  • Season Update: reviewing the matches to date
  • Montella: Milan players who are representing
  • The Squad: players on the training table
  • Mercato Update: players on the training table 
  • Sale of the Club: players on the training table
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to Pete for coming out of hiatus for us. Follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva. And don’t punch babies.

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Life is strange. Sometimes when things are going great on one front, they fall apart on another. For example Milan are doing so well and don’t look to be stopping soon, which is absolutely fantastic. On the other hand, Inter sacked De Boer, who was doing so well at keeping Inter in the bottom half of the table. So many lessons to be learned, so little time. But for today, rather than searching for “the Answer to the Great Question… Of Life, the Universe and Everything…” I have a very quick podcast for you….

Direct download: milan_obsession_podcast_82.mp3
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During the International Break, there is time to reflect on how the season is going so far. As usual, it’s a mixed bag, even if the results are flattering to the performances. But the one thing that is obvious and everyone seems to agree upon is that Milan is getting younger. A lot younger. So many young players have been getting playing time, it’s actually very exciting.

To help me discuss the young talent, I needed the best scout in the world, which is obviously David. You can follow the legend himself on Twitter @DavidLSwan. And while you’re there, let’s make sure that he gets the Director of Sport job instead of Mirabelli, so be sure to use the hashtag #DavidForDS. In between saving Milan from making a massive mistake, we also discussed:

  • News of the Week: Milan taking over FIFA, Powered by Diesel, Golden Boy Award nominee, Papa Paletta, Milan average age, Milan fans holding strong, Milan Ladies won, Inter suck, Galliani announcement 
  • Update Sale of the Club: latest updates
  • Season Update: reviewing the matches to date
  • International Break: the Milan players who are representing
  • Injury Update: players on the training table
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to David for gracing us with his presence once again. Follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan and remember #DavidForDS. I want to see this trending.

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The season started, the mercato ended, there was an International break. Oh and there was big news about the sale of the club. So much to talk about, some good, some not so much. But amidst all of the news, the progress toward the sale of the club stands out the most, and gives fans a reason to hope.

A new season calls for an important guest, so of course I turned to the President of the Curva Sud America, the legendary Francesco. If you want to be amongst the most important Milan fans, y ou must follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. This time around, we tried to touch on a lot of Milan news, including:

  • News of the Week: Shevchenko speaks, Champions League changes, Milan Glorie, Gattuso’s back, Ciao Umberto Gandini, Milan Ladies honored by the Mayor of Milano, the wage report, Supercoppa news, Milan twins, Balo is back
  • International Break: recapping Milan players who played 
  • Season Update: reviewing the matches to date
  • Mercato Wrapup: players in and out
  • Injury Update: players on the training table
  • Sale of the Club Update: discussing the progress of the sale
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for


Thanks yet again to the legendary Francesco for some great Milan conversation. Go to Twitter now and follow him @FrancescoPetra8, all of the best Milan fans do.

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It’s hard to believe what has and hasn’t happened this summer. With a preliminary agreement finally in place, an unimpressive preseason, and a very light mercato, fans are left to meter their excitement with a large dose of reality. With the new season starting up before the physical transformation of the club and our team, it’s harder to be excited or optimistic about the first half of our season. I think most fans are watching as closely to see what happens off of the pitch with our transformation. 

With so many changes and a new season on the horizon, I needed a big name guest, so of course I turned to the fantastic Gio of Rossoneri TV. Follow him on Twitter @RossoneriTV and be sure not to miss a single video by subscribing to his YouTube channel Rossoneri TV. He is also one of the admins for the Milan Club Montreal, so be sure to follow @ACMClubMTL. To catch up on all of the big news, we chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Third kit debut, Forbes assessment, watch out for Gattuso, how did Boateng find a new club?, Milan TV interview, Milan Ladies
  • Sale of the Club: discussing the preliminary agreement
  • Marco Fassone: a little bio on our new CEO-to be
  • Mercato News: players in and out
  • Friendlies: catching up the summer preseason
  • Montella: talking his tactics so far
  • Injuries: who’s on the training table right now
  • Season Preview: the main issues and early fixtures this year

 Thanks once again to the amazing Gio for some great conversation in the face of a very bleak time at Milan. Follow him on Twitter @RossoneriTV and subscribe to his channel Rossoneri TV. Also be sure to follow Milan Club Montreal.


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Whatever the opposite of news is, that’s where Milan is out. Everything is on hold until the sale of the club is resolved, one way or the other. And that date keeps getting pushed back and pushed back. Meanwhile, everyone else’s mercato is rolling on and our transfer targets are being signed one by one… by other clubs. Still, there are always things to talk about, so even if we’re all so stressed out, we’re still Milan fans… for now. 

For my part in Milan’s commitment to youth, I found an awesome new guest who also hails from the West Coast here in the U.S. His name is Pierluca, and you should absolutely follow him on Twitter at @PierlucaCalcio. Despite our massive concerns about the club and all of our frustrations, we talked about:

  • News of the Week: The Primadonna Curva Sud, new coaches, attention starved, Zapata’s surgery, Ciao Tassotti, new away kit, shut up Wanda, Serie A & Coppa Italia fixtures coming up
  • Bordeaux Friendly: nothing to write home about
  • Mercato News: youth players out
  • Future of the Club: Does the club even have a future?

Thanks again to the awesome Pierluca for some great conversation in the face of a very bleak time at Milan. Follow him on Twitter @PierlucaCalcio

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A new coach is the start of a new era. How long that era will last largely depends on how much power Berlusconi is given, if the rumors of the club’s impending sale are true. But for now, it’s a new coach, a new season, and a new mercato. Nothing says new like revamping your website and club channel, too. But will Milan’s past come back to haunt them? Or will we finally change for the good? This week the spotlight is on one man, the one they call l’Aeroplanino, to see if he can get us back to winning ways.

Speaking of winning ways, my guest this time was the legend himself, Vinny of @RedCardWeekly. You may also know him as one of the admins of the Milan Club Montreal. We discussed all things Montella plus:

  • News of the Week: The Honorable Honda, new look to Milan media, expired contracts, update on the sale of the club
  • Mercato News: Exits and new player
  • International News: Players representing their national teams
  • New Coach: looking at Montella

 Thanks again to Vinny for the great convo. Follow @RedCardWeekly for the very occasional tweet, and follow @ACMClubMTL because it’s the best Milan club in the world.

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In the mostly quiet lull that we are all forced to endure while negotiations for the sale of the club continue, there isn’t a lot to talk about that is concrete. But there are a couple of little tournaments going on and a few things that are known. So give a listen and feel free to join in the conversation as we are waiting and speculating.

For this podcast, I called upon the legendary cofounder of Milan Obsession, Jovan. If you are new to the blog, you missed out on his epic posts here, but at least you can listen to is brilliant wisdom now:

  • News of the Week: Dumb things, Inter ahead again, negotiation update, Berlusconi’s health, Youth team win, I get to see Donnarumma
  • Former Player News: so many ex-Milan players
  • International News: players representing their national teams
  • Mercato News: contract extensions
  • Milan’s Next Coach: what should Milan be looking for?

Thanks again to Jovan for the fantastic chat in the midst of so much unknown. And good luck with that Euro bet.



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If you thought there wasn’t a lot going on at Milan, think again. Or I guess I should say that if you thought things were bad at Milan, think again. They can always get worse. Especially with the season over, the only entertainment is Berlusconi’s concept of a joke. And it’s more criminal than entertaining. With so much at stake but so little actually happening, many are questioning their fanship, and with good reason. For those of us who are still loyal to the club, we realize that the M in Milan is for masochism.

Longsuffering fans are getting harder to find, but when you find them, you know they are the best of fans. For this podcast, I found one of the best, Gio from Rossoneri TV. You can follow him on Twitter @RossoneriTV and his YouTube channel, is a must subscribe and watch. Also help him rebuild the official Milan Club Montreal by following @ACMClubMTL. Sifting through the good and the bad post season, we talked about:

  • News of the Week: Cesare Maldini honored, Abbiati disappointed, new team for Mihajlovic, Oddo back in Serie A?, Champions League gap widens, FIFA better watch out, 3 more years of #TEKITANKA, party at Casa Milan
  • Mercato News: extensions and new signing
  • International News: players representing their national teams
  • Gigio Donnarumma: serious fangirling
  • Milan’s Future: what’s at stake and what’s been said

Thanks again to Gio for commiserating with me and discussing all things Milan. Follow him on Twitter @RossoneriTV and subscribe to his awesome YouTube channel Also help him rebuild the official Milan Club Montreal by following @ACMClubMTL, the one club that you can be sure is properly rebuilding.

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Just when we thought Milan were finally rebuilding, Berlusconi derailed this season with only six games left. With negotiations happening for a potential sale of at least part of the club, the season left us on a giant cliffhanger with very little optimism justified. Still, out of duty or madness or some other reason, a season wrapup seemed the least we could do to maintain some loyalty. Rating the players was also difficult, so I took a high school yearbook approach to make it bearable. For me, humor is the only thing we have left, at least until the big questions are answered.

Milan fans everywhere are praying for something to finally change, so I also went to The Other Pope for guidance, Francesco. Follow him for divine Milan tweets @FrancecoPetra8. For this epic hour long podcast, we chatted about:

  • News of the Month: Maldini honor, online petitions, back to court, tackle stat, new dads, new kit, ciao Abbiati, birthday, team of the season, Rami trophy, new player, Conte crimes, BREAKING NEWS
  • Club News: shareholder meeting, negotiations, Berlusconi speaks, His Majesty
  • Serie A News: season dates, promotions, relegations, broken records, El Shaarawy success
  • Season Update: summary of recent matches
  • Player Season Ratings: ratings of all players
  • Mysteries of Milan: discussing all of the question marks about Milan

 Thanks again to Francesco for taking the time to share his thoughts on Milan at this delicate time. Follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8

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Everyone was stunned when Mihajlovic was sacked and replaced with the promoted Brocchi with only six games and a Coppa final left. After seemingly finally doing some of the right things to actually rebuild after almost four years, this took us spiraling straight down to that horrible limbo between the champions of yesteryear and the success of the future. So while we wait to see what becomes of our beloved club, all we can do is talk about what can be done to make Milan great again.

For such an important discussion, I needed a truly passionate fan, so I asked Steve, aka the Bonaventura of Milan fans. Steve didn’t let his fame from @RedCardWeekly go to his head, instead he founded a fantastic company called with amazing football t-shirts, which you can follow on Twitter @VintagePitch. And as if that wasn’t enough, he is involved in the relaunch of the Milan Club Montreal, or @ACMClubMTL on Twitter. We chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Niang update, Drones, Sexism, VAR technology, Panama Papers, Kobe retires, Milan’s recent loss
  • Season Update: summary of recent matches
  • Make Milan Great Again: discussion of Milan’s demise, the sacking of Mihajlovic, and how to get back to successful ways again
  • Coming Up: a look at the games ahead 

Thanks again to Steve for taking time out of his insanely busy schedule to talk Milan with me. Follow him @RedCardWeekly, @VintagePitch, and especially support the relaunched @ACMClubMTL.

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Milan fans everywhere seem to be not only deflated, but writing off this season like the past three. However an unpopular opinion is that there has actually been quite a bit of progress and growth this season. As that is my unpopular opinion, for this conversation, we explore whether or not that is true and why and how. So listen and feel free to let me know if you agree that this year could finally be year zero in a Milan comeback.


This discussion required the ultimate guest, Francesco. He is a second generation Milan fan, born in Milano, and now spreading the gospel of the red and black in Argentina. Follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. In the face of technical difficulties, we discussed:

  • News of the Week: Borgonovo tribute, Conte exit, ICC tournament, Varese friendly, almost a Berlusconi confirmation, and Water Bottlegate 2016
  • Season Update: summary of recent match
  • International Update: summary of Milan players’ contributions for their national teams
  • Coming Up: a look at the games ahead

Thanks again to Francesco for being an amazing fan and for valiantly fighting the interwebs to be on this podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8

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Reflecting on the Silvio years after the recent 30 year anniversary of Berlusconi buying the club, it’s important to look at all of those 30 years. Through triumphs and tragedies and trophies, how will he be remembered? As Silvio the man? Silvio the businessman? Silvio the politician? Or Silvio the owner and President of Milan? Or maybe a combination of all of those? As fans I suppose we can pick and choose, especially those of us outside of Italy. But the anniversary was worth catching up on all things Milan and having that discussion.

Following a lunchtime match at Chievo, I needed someone who was willing to stay awake so early in the morning here in North America, and that person was my good friend Vinny of Red Card Weekly fame. Like the best of celebrities, Vinny is only very occasionally on Twitter, but you can follow him @RedCardWeekly. For our early morning chat, we discussed:

  • News of the Week: Where’s Sheva?, We have a Curva?, Niang’s bad luck, shut up Inter, Berlusconi vs. Mihajlovic, new FIFA president, Video replay technology, Galliani accountability tally (The El Shaarawy Catastrophe), and Water Bottlegate 2016
  • Season Update: summary of the recent matches
  • 30 Years of Berlusconi: then and now, what could have been?
  • Coming Up: a look at the games ahead
  • Thanks again to Vinny for sacrificing sleep and sharing his views on Milan with us. Follow him @RedCardWeekly to see if there is going to be a Red Card Weekly reunion!

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