My guest is the returning David Swan, writer for Football Italia and Milan and Italy fan extraordinaire. This episode features: • In the News: Senatori edition • Wheel of Transfers: find out how transfer rumors are made and get exclusive rumors for Milan • Transfer Talk: we guess who’s out, who’s in and what Milan’s priorities should be this summer • Confederations Cup: Milan have 5 starters for Italy in this competition, we give a brief overview of Italy’s chances • Allegri: we discuss the pros and cons of the decision to keep him on Thanks so much to David for another great podcast. Please follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan and also go to the Football Italia website and make pity comments on his articles, maybe you can start a trend of comments made by reasonable people. [...]
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This special edition podcast features Francesco Battaglia, a long-time fan of Milan’s Youth Sector, who can often be found at Centro Sportiva Vismara. He is the genius behind @MilanNext on Twitter and the Milan Next Facebook page, which offer the most complete coverage of Milan’s Youth sector online. We chat about: • In the News: new youth coaches, technical director, and Galli’s announcement about Cristante and Petagna • Youth Sector History: reinvesting in the youth, FFP, and more • Why the Youth Sector? Francesco’s background with the Milan Youth Sector • The Life of a Youth Player: the training and match commitments • What are the odds? How likely it is a youth player to become a professional • Dreams: Francesco shares his dreams for the Youth Sector Thanks so much to Francesco for braving a new language and sharing his knowledge with us! And thanks for all of his work and commitment to Milan Next so the rest of us can keep up with the triumphs of [...]
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