A week that saw us lose our most talented player and then win the Trofeo TIM left Milan fans in a bit of shock and awe. With a mere seven days left in the mercato we are now at the mercy of Galliani and his ability to shake down other clubs for their players on loans and free transfers. But with another epic fail from management, the livers of Milan fans worldwide are suffering as if the season was well underway. And yet there is still a strange kind of anticipation as the season kicks off next week which makes our stomachs alternate between the nervous butterflies of the possibilities and the nausea of having been reamed once again by management. One thing is for sure, Balotelli has left Milanello, along with a lot of hopes and dreams.



I was joined this week by the guys from my favorite weekly Serie A review show, Red Card Weekly. Both Steve and Vinny are passionate Milan fans who love calcio and both took the time to share their opinions and humor about Milan with us in this episode. We discussed:

• News of the Week: Ice Bucket Challenge, FIGC rule change

• Match Reviews: Trofeo Naranja:Valencia 2, Milan 1, and Trofeo TIM tournament 2014: Milan are Champions! 

• Match Preview: Serie A Week 1: Milan vs. Lazio Sun. Aug. 31st 

• Mercato News: Updates and rumors 

• Season Preview & Predictions: The schedule, Milan and Serie A

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week 

• Special Message from Elaine

Thanks again to both Steve and Vinny of Red Card Weekly for their insights and humor and especially their time. The season is starting back up, and so will their shows, so be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel today so you don’t miss a single awesome episode. Please also follow them on Twitter @RedCardWeekly for a more frequent fix of their take on Serie A.

And don’t forget to join what is undoubtedly going to be the best league in Fantasy Serie A, league Name: Red Card Weekly, league code: d9shQfaWZcIo


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It has been a tough couple of years as a Milan fan, most recently trying to stomach the friendly performances here in the USA. But suddenly, we are feeling like we are in a fantasy with two big exits and a couple of even bigger new signings. Still shell shocked and not sure what to trust or who to believe, our discussion is candid, but shows some hope and optimism again with these new “fantasy” signings as well as the exit of Robinho and Constant. Even if Milan’s mercato ends here, there is a glimmer of hope that the club is doing something, even if we aren’t sure it is necessarily the right thing for the future.


This time I welcomed back my original Milan Obsession co-founder, Jovan, who is also the creator of four fantasy football games: Fantasy Serie A, Fantasy Bundesliga, Fantasy Liga, and the all new Fantasy Premier League. We discussed:

• News of the Week: Season ticket fail, referees under attack, and FIGC election

• Match Reviews and Previews: ICC Friendly: Liverpool 2, Milan and Chivas Guadalajara 0, Milan 3. Previews: Valencia vs. Milan Sun. Aug 17th, and Trofeo TIM tournament Sat. Aug. 23rd

• Mercato News: Updates and rumors 

• Season Predictions: Milan and Serie A

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week

Thanks once again to Jovan, my Milan Obsession co-founder and original co-blogger. Check out his Fantasy Football games today, they are a great way to distract you through the upcoming season. Serie A: fantasyseriea.com, Bundesliga: fantasybundes.com, La Liga: fantasy-liga.com, and the all new Premier League game: fantasy-premier.com

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