Remember when Milan were in third place and could have gone four points clear? But they didn’t? That same sense of fear has left us clinging to fourth place by a mere point with five games to go. As if that weren’t hard enough for us fans, questioning players, coach, and more, there have been way too many off the pitch distractions, too. At a crucial point in our season, it leaves us clinging to fourth.

There was so much to discuss this time, and even a couple of rants. Jonathan and I talked about:

  • News of the Week: Tapiro d’Oro, Enzo Bearzot award, UEFA at it again, Paid Spectators
  • Match Reviews: review of latest Serie A match, discussion of related issues
  • Coming up: upcoming matches
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The loss to Inter was soul crushing, then we had to sit through the International Break, only to have our hopes dashed in the first minute against Sampdoria. Despite previous optimism, with so many other teams fighting for top four, it is very clear that Milan’s Champions League berth is not as solid as it seemed only a few short weeks ago. Unless Gattuso makes some productive changes soon, Milan are in hot water.


Joining our guest list of Milan fans from all over the world this time was Sabrina. You can follow Sabrina on Twitter @SabriB10, and you should definitely check out her blog Calcio Crazy. Along with Jonathan, we chatted about:

  • Lightning Round: quick questions about favorites
  • News of the Week: International break, Inter suck, actual fines, Sheva’s heir, results, election, ICC tournament, young squad, revenue issues, Pepe Reina’s week
  • Match Reviews: review of latest Serie A match
  • Coming up: upcoming matches and International Break

Thanks again to Sabrina for braving the discussion after the Sampdoria loss. Follow her on Twitter @Sabri10 and read her blog Calcio Crazy.

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