There is a massive sporting event being held in Brazil right now, the biggest sporting event in the world. But starting on Tuesday, the real spectacle begins: The mercato. The transfer market makes teams and breaks hearts, but the sharing of rumors is more of a bloodsport amongst fans. Still we decided to brave the waters with some good old fashioned mercato speculation. We also discussed the future of Italian football and oh, yeah, the World Cup.

Returning once again from England for your listening pleasure is David of Twitter and fame. We discussed:

• News of the Week: New Italy coach rumors, Seedorf’s suit, Barbara draws the line

• World Cup Update: How Milan players played and who’s still in Brazil

• The Future of Italian Football: Prandelli’s claims, youth development 

• Mercato News: Co-ownership updates, Milan’s mercato to date, rumors

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week

Thanks so much to David for a fantastic discussion and especially for staying up so late! Please follow the best scout in the world on Twitter @DavidLSwan and check out, a fantastic resource for all of your financial questions about Milan. 

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The World Cup is the greatest event in the world, it’s certainly how I fell in love with football. It also only comes every few years. So even with the official appointment of one Filippo Inzaghi as new Milan manager finally arriving, we are a bit obsessed with the Milan players and their teams in Brazil right now. Still, we focus on Milan, too, and don’t forget to update you on the Douchebaggery Alert System™. But seriously, Forza Azzurri!

Today’s guest is the fantastic Steve of Red Card Weekly fame, the weekly passionate Serie A fan review show on YouTube. We talked about:

• News of the Week: Engaging Balotelli, Seedorf mistreated

• Coaching Changes: Inzaghi official, other changes

• Mercato News: New signings & co-ownership deals 

• World Cup Update: The 8 Milan players in Brazil right now, their national teams and their matchups, plus review of the England-Italy match

• Milan Identity Crisis: Milan make their issues visual with 3 different logos on our kits next season 

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week 

Thanks so much to Steve of Red Card Weekly. Follow he & Vinny on Twitter @RedCardWeekly and definitely subscribe to their YouTube channel

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With the level of douchebaggery at Milan already so high at Milan, I called in the big guns to help sort everything out. So we, the Milan Obsession Fantastic Four, talk about the coaching situation and then sort through the roster to give management some ideas as to who to sell and who to keep this summer. Last but not least, we introduce the Milan Obsession Douchebagery Alert System™ to help you know what levels of douchebaggery are going on at any given time. You’re welcome. 

The Fantasic Four includes the President of the Curva Sud America, Francesco; The Comeback Kid, Derek; the awesome Miami Vice, Derwuin, and yours truly. We examined the following douchebaggery:

• News of the Week: Montolivo hitched, No more co-ownerships, Conte’s Premature Exclamation

• Seedorf Out?

• Inzaghi In?

 • Mercato Forecast: Review of all Milan players & discussing contracts, salaries, and whether or not they should stay at the club this summer

• Douchebaggery Alert System™: Where Milan are this week


Thanks to my superhero Milan fans, the Milan Obsession Fantstic Four. Follow Francesco on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8; follow Derek @DeekMonn and follow Derwuin @D_Mendez3

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