With an injured mentality, there’s a lot to be down about. But we managed to find things that are much more frightening. It was too easy to jump on the sunshine and rainbows train after the close of the sale of the club, and the performances on the pitch since then have pushed people too far. Reality is not as pretty, but there are still things to be happy about (like Inter’s shambolic season.) Also, we discovered the answer for everything.

In good times and in bad, I can always count on Francesco for good conversation about Milan. You can follow him on Twitter @FrancescoPetra8. Recording after the Roma defeat, we chatted about:

  • News of the Week: Inzaghi, communications, Milan Ladies, VAR, Ancelotti, Serie A racism, a visit from managemen
  • Season Update: reviewing recent matches
  • The Elliott Fund: why they took a gamble on Milan
  • The Summer Mercato: sifting through the rumors
  • Derby at Casa Milan: travel report
  • Coming Up: upcoming matches to watch for

Thanks again to Francesco for a great conversation after a heartbreaking game. Follow him on Twitter to show your support for a fellow Milanista @FrancescoPetra8.

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After an extended injury break, the podcast is finally back. Hopefully, Milan get the memo and step up and give us some more good things to talk about. Until that point, like a baby deer learning to stand and then walk, Milan will most likely still be finding our footing. That process allows for successes and failures, but does not demand the consistency that most of us fans are craving. But even with a run of three consecutive wins, consistency is still very much lacking in this season. Whether it be mentality or injuries or just missing pieces still, Milan are definitely still looking to find their footing.

To bring us back online with the podcasts, it had to be David as my guest. He is the mastermind behind acmilanfinance.com and you can always find his words of wisdom on Twitter if you follow @DavidLSwan. This time we chatted about:


  • News of the Week: Oops, Tavecchio did it again, generous Mihajlovic, Ibra spurns Milan, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Bonera’s wisdom, Mexes’ surprise
  • Season Update: Milan’s standing & recent matches
  • Injury Update: who is still out and how long they’ll be gone
  • International Break: who is representing their national teams this week
  • Allegri vs. Milan Grudgematch: predictions for Juve-Milan
  • Coming Up: mark your calendar for the upcoming matches

Thanks again to David for an impromptu podcast on a moment’s notice. Be sure to check out his acmilanfinance.com site and absolutely follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan or you’ll be missing out.


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According to rumors, winning five straight after a season like this gets you sacked. After winning two straight games at home, the prospect of Europa League qualification also looms more closely, too. And welcoming back last season’s young hero from injury just raises even more questions about the summer and next year. It’s the home stretch of a dysfunctional season, and so there is plenty to talk about.


My guest this time was Vinny of the fantastic Red Card Weekly YouTube show with two devout Milan fans wrapping up Serie A and football in general each week. We discussed:


• News of the Week: Don’t Mess with the Crest™, Annual “bored” meeting, Seedorf news


• Reviews: Serie A week 33 vs. Catania, Serie A week 34 vs. Livorno


• Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 35 at Roma, Serie A week 36  the Derby della Madonnina vs. Inter


• Prognosis: Europa League Qualification


• Player Spotlight: Stephan El Shaarawy



Thanks so much to Vinny for a fantastic podcast. Check out the Red Card Weekly show on YouTube each week and be sure to subscribe to their channel so you never miss an episode. Also follow them on Twitter @RedCardWeekly

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A tough loss to Atletico has opened the floodgates of criticism by fans, the Curva, and especially anyone and everyone in the media. As if Milan weren’t struggling enough, it seems like everyone is ready to kick us while we’re down.


This podcast brings a new guest, coming from sunny Miami, it’s Derwuin, an awesome artist, youth coach, and Milanista and blog guest extraordinaire. We talk about lots of things going on with Milan right now, including:


• News of the Week: Curva Sud again, Berlusconi is back, Slumber party in Roma


• Reviews: Champions League Round of 16 at Atletico Madrid, Serie A week 28 vs. Parma, Serie A week 29 at Lazio


• Upcoming Matches Preview: Serie A week 30 at Fiorentina, Serie A week 31 vs. Chievo, Serie A week 32 at Genoa


• Maldini Speaks: Maldini’s infamous interview


• Player Spotlight: Adel Taarabt


Thanks so much to Derwuin for recording this not once, but twice! Please follow him on Twitter @D_Mendez3 and check out his awesome comments on the blog. You’re Welcome.

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