Milan can’t even celebrate a win anymore because we are unravelling so badly it doesn’t feel like a win. Of course we’ve still been mostly losing, but adding on a ridiculous amount of poor discipline on and off the pitch. With the same tired tactics leading to worse performances and results, it’s actually not that much of a surprise that Gattuso and the team just seem lost.

Despite recording after a win, this one was not that hopeful. Jonathan and I talked about:

  • News of the Week: Shaky San Siro, new kits, budget, Welcome back Brescia, amazing Alesi goal
  • Match Reviews: review of latest Coppa Italia and Serie A matches, discussion of related issues
  • Ritiro: discussing discipline problems
  • Another season without Champions League: discussing the season and our future, Gattuso, and more
  • Coming up: upcoming matches
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