My guest again this week is Pete Acquaviva, the mastermind behind Massimiliano Allegri’s favorite blog, DAI DAI DAI. This episode features: • In the News: bullet dodged, conviction made, and facepalm assessments • Confederations Cup Review: we discuss the injuries to Milan players, their performances, Prandelli’s tactics, and more • Changing Formations: we discuss the subtleties and personnel changes of the 4-3-1-2 vs. the 4-3-3 • Transfer Talk: who may exit, who may stay, and who might come into the squad this summer Thanks so much to Pete for a fantastic podcast and we wish him a continued and speedy recovery from his injury! Follow him on Twitter @PDAcquaviva and check out his DAI DAI DAI blog at [...]
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My guest is the returning David Swan, writer for Football Italia and Milan and Italy fan extraordinaire. This episode features: • In the News: Senatori edition • Wheel of Transfers: find out how transfer rumors are made and get exclusive rumors for Milan • Transfer Talk: we guess who’s out, who’s in and what Milan’s priorities should be this summer • Confederations Cup: Milan have 5 starters for Italy in this competition, we give a brief overview of Italy’s chances • Allegri: we discuss the pros and cons of the decision to keep him on Thanks so much to David for another great podcast. Please follow him on Twitter @DavidLSwan and also go to the Football Italia website and make pity comments on his articles, maybe you can start a trend of comments made by reasonable people. [...]
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